I saw a review of the FN Herstal FNP-45 in Matte Stainless on a YouTube video and liked what I saw. What really caught my attention was a matching FNP-9. The two pistols made a nice looking set I thought. I already owned an FNAR .308 rifle so I was familiar with FN quality. The [...]

The best home defense handgun is the Glock in my opinion. I am not saying the Glock is the best handgun just that it makes an excellent choice as a home defense weapon because it is easy to use, reliable, light weight, available in full size, compact, and sub compact sizes, and is available in [...]

Turn Remington 1100 Into Tactical Home Defense Shotgun The Remington 1100 semi automatic shotgun in 12 GA or 20 GA makes an excellent tactical shotgun or home defense shotgun. Buy the Remington 1100 Tactical shotgun for $700 or go the low buck route and build your own. The best 1100 model for home defense is [...]

My CZ-75B Polished Stainless Review. The story behind how I got interested in this classic pistol by CZ. I was at my local  range shooting my .22 Cal rifles at 50 yards when a very attractive young woman set up to shoot on the 25 Yd. targets one table from me. She put up her [...]

Easy to use Reliable High capacity Light weight Inexpensive Glock is the point and shoot handgun. They are so simple to use that all you have to do is aim and squeeze the trigger. No worry about forgetting to release the safety in a panic situation, or the fear of the moment causing one to [...]

I became interested in the Benelli M4 after noting that the Marines use it in Iraq. The more I learned about it the more I liked it. I even checked it out at my Scheels Sports gun shop. The price tag is $1600 and that is without the magazine extension. Add a two round Benelli [...]

It was 2009 when I decided to buy a gun for home defense. I researched the topic on the Internet and decided on a shotgun. Further research led me to choose the Remington 870 because it is used by law enforcement, by the military, and has a decades long reputation for reliability. I compared the [...]

The ongoing argument about comparing the stopping power of 9mm to .45 caliber. I have read a lot of conversations and arguments comparing the two calibers. I don’t understand why each isn’t a perfectly good home defense caliber. What I see missing from these “which is best” arguments is any laboratory tests using repeatable testing [...]

I just shot my CZ-75B 9mm for the first time today. All I can say is that it shoots as good as it looks. The gun has a comfortable feel, it just feels good in the hand. Pull the CZ-75B up and the sights fall right on target. Just squeeze and pop, another hole in [...]

It is the gun you are comfortable with, can handle safely,  and can shoot accurately. There is no one gun fits all answer. Each citizen has preferences, likes, and dislikes. The “best” home defense gun for me may not suit someone else. And to be honest my personal choices have been modified over time and [...]

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