The argument about Which is Better? 9mm or .45 Cal continues when comparing the stopping power of 9mm to .45 caliber. I have read a lot of conversations and arguments comparing the two calibers. I don’t understand why each isn’t a perfectly good home defense caliber. What I see missing from these “which is best” [...]

The Glock 42 has been received with some mixed feelings. At first glance it is very appealing and is clearly a little Glock in every way. But when I studied the specifications it was disappointing to find out that the 42 is the same size as many small 9mm pistols available today. Here is my [...]

The Bersa Thunder 380 CC is a variation of the popular Bersa Thunder 380 that has been smoothed and designed especially for concealed carry. Differences include much lower profile 3 dot sights. Shorter overall length and shorter barrel length. It has a combat style trigger guard which means you can wrap a finger around the [...]

The Bersa Thunder 380, sometimes referred to as the poor man’s PPK, is manufactured in Argentina and since its debut in 1995, has gained a loyal following. A very popular pistol, the Bersa Thunder is a copy of another very popular pistol, the Walther PPK. The PPK was first produced in 1931 and over the [...]

In researching the operation of a blow back designed pistol I learned that after ignition the case expands against the chamber walls. This causes the case to tightly grip the chamber and forms a gas seal. Case expansion under high pressure holds the cartridge in the chamber until after the bullet leaves the muzzle. Once [...]

When discussing the suitability of the 380 as a self defense caliber it gets almost as competitive as comparing the 45 ACP to the 9mm. Everyone has an opinion and some get downright heated when trying to convince the other side. First let me say that the 380 is not only the lowest power round [...]

Here  is a list of Sig P238 reviews that I found while researching. What got me interested in the 380 caliber was the Beretta Pico. I already own the Beretta Nano and love it. After Beretta announced the Pico I started reading everything I could find about it which wasn’t much. I started reading reviews [...]

Once you get past the obvious, the lower ballistic performance of the 380 compared to any other self defensive caliber, and then make the decision to carry cocked and locked, the Sig Sauer P238 becomes a top choice pistol for self defense. Based on the Colt designed Mustang which was itself based on the Star [...]

When I first got interested in having a gun for protection at home my research pointed to the Shotgun as a good all around choice. Although there is something to be said for the sound of racking a round into the chamber of a Remington 870 12 Gauge, and the unmatched knock down power, the [...]

I just purchased a new Colt SP6920 the civilian version of the Military M4. I had toyed with the idea of building an AR15 lower assembly and an upper assembly but decided instead to go ahead and buy a quality Colt AR15. The cost difference was about $400, My new semi-automatic rifle cost $1175.00. The [...]

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