Kimber Solo vs. Glock 26

I often see requests to compare the Kimber Solo to the Glock 26. There really isn’t much in common between the two except the 9mm caliber. The Glock 26, commonly called the “Baby” Glock has gained worldwide popularity among secret service and security personnel because it is undeniably reliable. Based on the Kimber Solo track record to date, the Kimber Solo does not come close to approaching Glock reliability. I speak from experience as I own both pistols.

Kimber Solo vs Glock 26 Length

Kimber Solo vs Glock 26 Length

The Kimber Solo is a nice looking gun, the Glock 26 is rather homely and plain looking. They are both accurate but the Glock is a little more accurate because it has a longer sight radius, has a longer barrel, and has polygonal rifling. The polygonal rifling creates a better bullet to barrel seal which provides higher pressure and higher muzzle velocity.

The Glock is much longer than the Solo, wider than the Solo, and heavier than the Solo.

The Glock 26 is not finicky about ammunition and can shoot just about anything you feed it. The Kimber Solo was designed to use heavier 124 grain and 147 grain bullets and requires premium ammunition to operate properly. Here is a statement about ammunition from the Kimber web site.

“Solo is designed to function optimally using premium hollow-point self-defense factory ammunition with bullet weights of 124 or 147 grains.” Read the factory description and specs at the Kimber America website.

Kimber Solo vs Glock 26

Kimber Solo vs Glock 26

The Solo barrel is the shortest 9mm barrel in the industry. This means that the bullet spends less time in the barrel. To cycle reliably the Solo requires a recoil spring in top condition, it must be clean, it must be lubricated. In addition, the use of premium ammunition is required that will develop enough operating pressure when fired. The Solo slide was designed to be heavier, the barrel was designed to undulate while cycling, all these design features use up force during the cycle. If the recoil spring gets weak the gun won’t cycle properly. If it gets dirty the gun won’t cycle properly. If it doesn’t have enough lubrication the gun won’t cycle properly. If poor quality low power ammunition is used then the gun won’t cycle properly. Keep the Kimber Solo in tip top condition and it will work fine. Keep fingers crossed.

The Kimber Solo trigger is exceptionally smooth. Although advertised as having a 7 pound pull it feels much lighter. The Glock trigger is rated at 5.5 pounds.

The Glock 26 being a Glock is designed for reliability and is kept dry except for minimal lubrication at the typical locations. The minimal lube attracts less dirt and contributes to the Glocks reliability. The Kimber Solo also requires  lubrication at typical locations but also requires more frequent cleaning than the Glock to cycle properly.

Kimber Solo vs Glock 26 Width

Kimber Solo vs Glock 26 Width

The Glock has a double stack magazine and is fat compared to the single stack Kimber Solo.

The Kimber Solo is smaller, slimmer, lighter, shorter and is therefore easier to conceal than the Glock 26.

The Glock has no external safety while the Kimber Solo has an ambidextrous safety lever that is easily operated by the thumb.

The Glock has a magazine release on the left side while the Solo has an ambidextrous magazine release.

The slide stop/ slide release is similar on both guns.

Take down for cleaning is easy for both guns with neither one having an edge.


                              Kimber Solo      Glock 26

  • Frame                 Aluminum             Polymer
  • Weight                17 oz                        19.75 oz
  • Length                5.5 inches             6.29 inches
  • Capacity            6                                10
  • O/A Width     1.2 inches             1.18 inch
  • Barrel                 2.7 inches             3.46 inch
  • Sight radius   4.4 inches              5.67 inch
  • Trigger               7 Lbs                      5.5 Lbs
Kimber Solo vs Glock 26 Magazine

Kimber Solo vs Glock 26 Magazine

There are many Kimber Solo owners who will take offense to my comparison. I own both pistols, have shot almost 2000 rounds throught the Solo and about the same through the Glock 26. The Kimber Solo has been back to Kimber three times in six months. I like it but I do not trust it. The Glock 26 just keeps shooting, never a jam, I trust it completely.

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