The Benelli M4 is the civilian equivalent to the U.S. Marines M1014. It is a semi automatic, gas operated shotgun with a tubular magazine. It weighs about 8.4Lbs. which is a little heavier than the Remington 1100. It comes standard with ghost ring sights and has a pica tinny rail for mounting optics. The U.S. [...]

Why Buy a Gun For Home Defense – I first got interested in guns at age 65 at the end of 2009 during the Obama administration. I was disturbed at the way the Democrats Progressives, liberals were shoving health care through the House and Senate. The Obama administration was on a march to fundamentally change [...]

The best home defense weapon is the one you feel comfortable with, can shoot safely, and shoot accurately. Whether that is a shotgun or a handgun is a matter of personal choice. The need for taking action to ensure your own personal home defense is increasing. It seems that home break ins and home invasions [...]

Home Defense Shotgun Ammo What is the best shotgun ammo for home defense? It depends. I have researched the Internet to find a few ideas about this. Some definitive studies have been done using ballistics gelatin to determine the penetration and expansion characteristics of various shotgun loads. My take on all this information is that; [...]

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