Ruger LC9 9mm Update for Light Strikes

Ruger LC9 9mm After Repair

Ruger LC9 9mm After Repair

Remington Golden Saber and Sellier & Bellot Caused Problems

Remington Golden Saber and Sellier & Bellot

Took my Ruger LC9 9mm to the Range for testing today. It was returned to the factory for a repair and update to remedy a problem with light firing pin strikes. Some of the first LC9’s had a problem with the firing pin channel getting clogged with metal debris from the primers on some brands of ammunition. The debris in the firing pin channel interfered with the firing pin causing light strikes and failure to fire. My LC9 would malfunction after shooting a round or two of Remington Golden Saber or Sellier & Bellot ammunition.

The factory update included replacement of the slide, firing pin assembly, and firing pin block. When received, the gun was very oily so ran a dry patch through the barrel before shooting.

First fired 50 rounds of Federal 115 grain FMJ, then shot 50 rounds of Sellier & Bellot 115 grain FMJ. This was one of the brands that would clog the firing pin channel after shooting just one or two rounds. After the update, the LC9 shot all 50 rounds in the box with absolutely no malfunctions. Next I shot 50 rounds of Remington 115 grain FMJ and then finished off with 75 rounds of Winchester White box 115 grain FMJ. I am pleased to report that the Ruger LC9 9mm has excellent reliability. I would expect the LC9’s being manufactured now will all have the updates and will be just a reliable.

Although my LC9 is now reliable it is still plagued with a sloppy trigger, long trigger pull, and breaks when the trigger is pulled all the way back to the frame. It takes practice to develop a smooth trigger pull technique that gets the best accuracy out of the LC9.

Now all the LC9 needs to be a great concealed carry subcompact 9mm is a decent trigger. That is my next project, to improve the trigger on the LC9.