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Chuck Burns

I first got interested in guns in 2009 at age 65. I had just returned from working in Iraq and Afghanistan and decided that I wanted a gun for home defense. After some online research I decided that the shotgun was well suited for my needs. I purchased a new in box inexpensive Remington 870 for $330.00. After shooting a box of shells through it I discovered that I didn’t like the bead front sight so I exchanged it for the Remington 870 tactical. That’s how my interest in guns started in November 2009. Now it is a year later December 2010 and I now own 31 guns. That averages out to over a gun purchase a month over the years of 2010 and half of 2012. So I discovered that I enjoy shooting and I have rationalized the purchase of 3 shotguns, 6 rifles, and 22 handguns, and then add in about 20,000 rounds of ammunition and it runs my hobby cost up enough that I have to stop buying these guns and start shooting more.

With the cost of everything rising including ammunition, I am starting to consider reloading my own ammunition. Not for sure I want to do that yet but thinking about it.

I purchased most of my guns through Scheels Sporting Goods. I like the people there, they treat me right and their prices are often very competitive with an online purchase after shipping and sometimes their sales are unbeatable. I bought a new in box DPMS 5.56×45 with 20″ barrel for $599.00. That price was so good that I returned the next day and bought a second one. Then there was my FNAR in .308 Cal. I got it for $1100.00 which is a great price for that awesome rifle. I also have to say that Buds Gun Shop has excellent online prices too and their free shipping makes it hard not to buy from them. For instance a Benelli M4 with free shipping for $1473.00. I purchased three guns off www.gunbroker.com. They were guns that I couldn’t easily buy from Scheels or Buds for the same price. I ended up with a very satisfying experience using GunBroker.com. I also purchased a Smith & Wesson CS9 using Guns America.

Each gun that I buy has a story behind it about something that peaked my interest. Once I get interested I start my online research which usually ends up in the purchase of a new gun for my collection.

I’ll write about my experiences here and provide my thoughts about guns that I own and guns in which I have an interest. I Hope you enjoy my site and find my reviews and comments of interest.

I am a real person and this is a real website. Here is my contact information:

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