Sig Sauer P238 Reviews and Comparisons

Here  is a list of Sig P238 reviews that I found while researching. What got me interested in the 380 caliber was the Beretta Pico. I already own the Beretta Nano and love it. After Beretta announced the Pico I started reading everything I could find about it which wasn’t much. I started reading reviews about the P238 and about reloading the 380 cartridge. It all really peeked my interest. I ended up ordering the Sig P238 HDW model.

If you have an interest in small concealed carry pistols then my list of informative Sig Sauer P238 Reviews may just help you decide if the P238 is right for you.

Keep in mind that there are quite often issues when a new gun design is first introduced to the market. The P238 was first offered to the public in 2009. There were three major problems which took time to identify and fix.

First was the recoil spring. It changed length and strength after just a few rounds causing failure to load and failure to extract. This was solved with a new longer spring wound of flat spring wire.

Second was a jamming problem caused when the barrel contacted an edge of the magazine. The recoiling barrel slammed into the magazine which hammered a burr on the feed ramp. This was solved with the Gen 3 magazine.

The Third issue resulted in a recall of some of the first manufactured pistols to replace the manual safety lever.

While watching these reviews remember that the jamming issues have been addressed by Sig Sauer and the present production Sig P238 pistols have an outstanding reputation for reliability and accuracy.

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