Kimber Solo CDP

The Kimber Solo CDP is the upscale version of the already pricey Kimber Solo Carry.

To turn the Kimber Solo into a Custom Defense Pistol add night sights, add checkering to the front and back straps, add a set of Crimson Trace Rosewood grips with built in laser.

Kimber Solo CDP - Custom Defense Pistol

Kimber Solo CDP – Custom Defense Pistol

Kimber Solo Carry CDP with night sights, strap checkering, Crimson Trace Laser Grips

Kimber Solo Carry CDP with night sights, strap checkering, and Crimson Trace Laser Grips

There you have it, the Kimber Solo CDP. The Solo already is very expensive for its diminutive size at $700.00. Turn it in to a Custom Defense Pistol and the price jumps to the $1200.00 to $1300.00 range.

Kimber Solo CDP Night Sights

Kimber Solo CDP Night Sights

The standard Solo already has ambidextrous thumb safety and magazine release, it already has smoothed edges and nicely rounded corners, and a beveled ejection port. The standard Solo Carry already has a superb trigger, and excellent accuracy that compares favorably with many full size pistols.

Even though I already have the Kimber Solo Carry I will be interested in the Kimber Solo CDP if it ever is made available in the stainless version. Will it be called the Kimber Solo CDP STS or the Kimber Solo STS CDP? Either way I just might be interested considering that Kimber may have all the kinks worked out of the Solo by then.

Here is another Kimber Solo CDP Review on the Haus of Guns website that has additional information and is entertaining.

“Tell you what. If you’re a person who thinks the heavy hitters in the gun industry don’t have a wild sense of humor I think we should talk. Remember theKimber Solo? It’s been the talk of the town ever since its weighty entrance at SHOT 2011. Kimber’s first true venture into the micro compact 1911- ish 9mm market have yielded mixed feelings as well as mixed results. Personally I can’t claim to have fired or even held one, they’re sort of like the YETI or BIGFOOT around here. People believe there real and some have even had sightings but even fewer actually believe or have had personal experiences themselves. I like to think I’m a believer, though often overpriced (in my opinion), Kimber guns have served me well and without exception in the past several years. That said, and getting back to my original point, as hard to find and even buy the Kimber Solo has been, they’ve stretched their humor out even further with the announcement of the Kimber Solo CDP. As if the list isn’t long enough to get a Solo for yourself (ESPECIALLY the all stainless), you better believe the CDP may seem even more of a myth over the coming months and even years.” Read the original Kimber Solo CDP review at the Haus of Guns website.

Checkering on Front and Rear Strap

Checkering on Front and Rear Strap

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  • cebur19 Feb 22, 2013, 10:04 am

    It sure sounds as though Kimber has gotten the Solo tuned up. That is great to hear that you like your Solo and it is performing well for you. My Solo was also quite accurate and fun to shoot. It was one of the very first production units and it never did give the performance that I expected from a $700 gun. I was looking forward to using it as my first carry pistol but it just didn’t work out. I still have the Kimber holster, Kimber magazine pouch, and extra magazines. I appreciate your positive feedback. There are still lots of prospective gun owners who are considering the Kimber Solo and this type of feed back helps them make an informed buying decision.

  • Simon Feb 22, 2013, 3:33 am

    Having owned a Kimber Compact CDP for 16 years, the Solo CDP was a natural when I decided to buy a pocket 9. After having fired 200+ rounds through it, I must say this is an absolute pleasure to shoot. Much more accurate than my wife’s Sig P938, and the quality of this little work of art is phenominal. Surprisingly easy to handle, despite its diminutive size.

    I have been carrying it for a couple of weeks in a new Garrett Silent Thunder Solo holster and, apart from the comfortable pressure, you can hardly tell it’s there. The combination of leather lined kydex with a leather/neoprene/suede backing is quiet to draw, easy on the finish and extremely comfortable to wear, even without a belt. It also carries comfortably in a pocket using my DeSantis superfly.

  • cebur19 Jun 26, 2012, 10:40 pm

    As a follow up, I just saw a Kimber Solo CDP on GunsAmerica for $1100. The seller was GUNWORKS OF SALISBURY NC. Check them out on the GunsAmerica website

  • cebur19 Jun 26, 2012, 11:36 am

    I just checked and they are on back order at the gun shops that I frequent. They are available on GunBroker, The Kimber Solo CDP is priced in the $1200 to $1300 range. The Kimber Solo STS stainless is priced at $800 to $900. Keep checking your local gun shops and eventually you will catch up with one. If I bought another Solo it would be the stainless model. I haven’t heard any negative feedback about the stainless finish so far. The black Kimpro finish on my Solo was easily scratched and was flaking off around the safety levers. It just didn’t look like a $700 gun after a few months.

  • Gizmo Jun 25, 2012, 7:54 pm

    Sounds like something I want. When are they going to be available??? Still on backorder, no one has them dealers or internet.