Kimber Solo Problems – Kimber Solo Carry Issues

I purchased a Kimber Solo Carry 9mm pistol in March 2011 for the specific purpose to be my concealed carry weapon when the new Wisconsin Concealed Carry law goes into effect in November 2011. I also purchased the holster, magazine holder, 4 extra magazines, and a Galco belt. Even though I still like the Kimber Solo, I don’t feel it is ready to be my self defense weapon. Too many problems. My Solo has been back to Kimber twice, once for barrel and slide replacement because of slide peening. This is an issue with the barrel and slide locking lugs deforming and wearing which leaves metal filings and chips that are discovered during cleaning. On a second trip to Kimber the slide release lever was replaced because the slide would not lock open on the last round, and there were other parts replaced.

Now the Kimber Solo is being returned for a third time because the slide doesn’t always lock open on the last round, occasional failures to eject, and occasional failures to fully seat the first round causing failure to fire. Granted, these malfunctions don’t happen all the time. I never know when, and that reduces trust. The only way I know for sure that the first loaded round will fire is to pull the trigger. Maybe it only happens once every 100 rounds, or once every 2oo rounds. That is the point, maybe it will work OK when I need it.

Yes, I am aware of the recommended ammunition requirements. I shoot American Eagle 124 grain and Remington Golden Saber 124 grain ammunition. When the gun was new,  it would shoot any ammunition fed into it. It was working so well that I tried various brands of 115 grain ammo. Never had a problem until I started noticing the metal filings and debris in the slide locking lug area during cleaning. After I got it back from Kimber the first time, it was never the same. It was more finicky about ammo.

Yes, I am aware of how critical the grip is when shooting a small, light weight 9mm pistol. I have owned the gun for just six months.

This statement from the Kimber Solo Stainless PDF on the Kimber website claims:

“what sets the Solo apart is quality, dependability and 1911 ergonomics that ensure comfortable shooting regardless of hand size. In every respect, Solo pistols are in a class by themselves.” Read the original article on the Kimber America website.

I agree to some extent. The Kimber Solo Carry is a nice gun, I own a Kimber Solo Carry and have shot over 1200 rounds through it so far. I like the Kimber Solo and I want it to work, but I can’t use it as my concealed carry gun for self defense.

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  • cebur19 Sep 1, 2013, 9:24 pm

    Than’s good to hear about your Solo CDP. The Solo is a cool little gun. I look at it every time I visit my local gun shop. Don’t think I’ll buy another one though.

  • Simon Eggington Sep 1, 2013, 2:18 pm

    Not sure if there were initial quality issues, which certainly isn’t limited to kimber, but my Solo CDP has worked flawlessly, and I’m extremely confident carrying it.