Kimber Solo STS – Kimber Solo Carry STS Stainless

Kimber Solo Carry STS stainless is the Kimber entry into the mini subcompact market. It is a micro-subcompact 9mm that is built specifically to be a concealed carry pistol.

It is 5.5 inches long, holds 6 rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition, and weighs 17 oz. It is small enough to fit in a pocket and already has an array of accessories including several quality holsters, magazine holders, extended 8 round magazine, night sights, and laser grips.

Kimber Solo Carry STS Stainless 9mm

Kimber Solo STS – Kimber Solo Carry STS Stainless 9mm

It has a safety on both the left and right sides that is easily operated by the thumb. The magazine release is ambidextrous as well.

Another feature that I like is the Kimber Solo accuracy. With quality ammunition groups of 2 to four inches are typical at 7 yds. and 4 and 6 inch groups are possible at 15 yds depending on the shooters grip and technique. Kimber states that their Kimber Solo while clamped in a shooting vise will shoot 3 inch groups at 25 yards. I can attest that the little gun is very accurate.

A big Part of the Solo’s accuracy is the trigger. The Solo trigger makes the pistol a pleasure to shoot. It uses a single action striker that is so smooth and easy to pull that it sets the Solo apart from the other small subcompact CC 9mm pistols. The trigger pull is about 7 Lbs. and it seems to get even better the more you use it.

The Kimber Solo STS is the same gun as the Kimber Solo Carry tutone in all respects except that the STS frame has a satin stainless color and the STS slide has the letters STS engraved after the name Solo carry. The frame is the same aluminum alloy and the slide and all other parts are identical. It is the same gun. I personally prefer the STS model over the tutone. The reason is that the Kimpro finish is not much better than paint and scratches easily. I own the $700.00 Kimber Solo Carry tutone model. The first time it was disassembled for cleaning and then reassembled the black Kimro finish was scratched. The expensive and classy little Solo now appears well used as the scratches become more evident with each take down and reassembly. The problem is evident on every Solo with Kimpro finish, in fact, just watch the Kimber factory reassembly video and you can see the scratch on a brand new Kimber Solo that never even left the factory.

The point of all this is to suggest that if you have an interest in buying the Kimber Solo, then wait for the STS model. It may be less prone to scratches upon reassembly and will look like a classy $700.00 pistol for a long time.

The Kimber Solo STS Stainless model is now available however the demand is high so there may be a waiting list. Check availability and current price.

Kimber Carry Solo Specifications:

  • Caliber 9mm
  • Height 3.9 inches
  • Length 5.5 inches
  • Width .995 inches
  • Weight 17 ounces empty
  • Magazine capacity 6 rounds with optional 8 rnd extended magazine
  • Barrel length 2.7 inches, stainless steel
  • Frame Aluminum alloy with Kimpro finish in black or satin stainless
  • Sights Fixed Low profile
  • Trigger 7 pound pull single action striker
  • Grips Black checkered, Crimson Trace Rosewood Laser grips
  • MSRP $747.00


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