Kimber Solo Disassembly – Kimber Solo Field Strip

Kimber Solo Take Down Dis-assembly for cleaning and inspection is similar to a 1911.

Kimber Solo Dis-assembly and Field Strip

  • Remove the magazine
  • Open the slide to check that chamber is empty and that the pistol is safe
  • Push the slide release lever pin out from the right side
  • Pull the slide release lever the rest of the way out from the left side
  • Point the pistol in a safe direction and pull the trigger to release the striker
  • Remove the slide from the frame
  • Remove the recoil spring assembly from the slide
  • Tilt the barrel, lift and pull the barrel out of the slide
  • The pistol is now field stripped and ready for cleaning

Kimber Solo Reassembly

  • Install the barrel into the slide, tilt the barrel to get it started
  • Install the recoil spring assembly. Open end toward the front
  • Install the slide on the frame assembly
  • Install the Slide Release Pin
  • Pull the slide reward, line up the assembly notch with the slide release lever
  • Push the slide release lever into the frame and be sure to catch the slide release spring

Watch the video Kimber Solo Take Down and Disassembly

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