Kimber Solo Range Report After Repair

I got my Kimber Solo back today after 4 weeks at the Kimber service department for repair. The pistol was returned to Kimber because of the barrel to slide locking lugs peening, and chipping bits of metal. The warranty repair consisted of barrel and slide replacement followed by test firing.

Target Kimber Solo After Repair

Kimber Solo Target 6 Inch Group After Repair

Kimber Solo range report after repair. I made a trip to the range to test fire it. I fired over two hundred rounds consisting of 124 grain Remington Golden Saber +P JHP, 124 grain Federal Hi Shock JHP, 124 grain Sellier & Bellot FMJ. After all that 124 grain Ammo. I fired another 50 rounds of 115 grain Federal FMJ. The little Pistol never missed a beat, fired everything I fed it with no failures to eject, and no failures to feed.

Something that made me feel even better about finally getting my Kimber Solo back is the accuracy. I don’t know if it is me, the new barrel and slide, or a combination of both, but I felt great shooting the pistol and have no doubt that I can hit what I aim at. I wasn’t this confident or accurate with the pistol the first few times I shot when it was new.

At the range shooting at 15 yards, my first shots were low and slightly to the left. After shooting about 50 rounds, and giving attention to my grip, stance, and concentrating on the front sight, the point of impact moved up into the area of the bulls eye. My group size is about 6 inches at 15 yards which would equate to a 3 inch group size at 7 yards. I feel very good with this degree of accuracy.

The Kimber Solo performed flawlessly but time and a few hundred rounds will tell if the Solo is ready for prime time.

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