Why Choose Glock

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • High capacity
  • Light weight
  • Inexpensive

Glock is the point and shoot handgun. They are so simple to use that all you have to do is aim and squeeze the trigger. No worry about forgetting to release the safety in a panic situation, or the fear of the moment causing one to forget. With the Glock the safety is always on until you put a finger on the trigger. That act of placing finger on trigger releases the safety.

The Glock is one of the most reliable hand guns in the world and is the handgun of choice when a reliable and utilitarian pistol is required.

Easy to disassemble, easy to clean, easy to lubricate, and repair or replacement parts, if ever needed, are inexpensive. The entire gun purchased new is inexpensive and can be purchased in the $500 to $600 dollar range.

Glocks are available in full size models, compact size, and sub compact sizes in all the popular calibers.

Glocks use a staggered cartridge magazine loading that provides higher magazine capacity than other pistols.

The Glock frame and other parts are made of polymer which makes them some of the lightest pistols available.

Elegant in its design and utilitarian simplicity but not a beauty queen. Many other handguns are far more beautiful but the Glock is my weapon of choice should the need ever arise.

My personal Glocks are the Glock 17 full size 9mm that holds 17 rounds, and the Glock 21SF full size .45 ACP that holds 13 rounds.

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