Here is a heads up about an issue with the Ruger LC9 or rather magazines made by Ruger. The original magazine that comes with the LC9 is made in Italy and there have been no problems reported so far with the original Italian made mag. For those who purchased additional magazines there have been numerous [...]

I recently shot another 300 rounds of American Eagle 115 grain and 200 rounds of steel cased Tulammo to complete my Ruger LC9 1000 Round Review Update. The Ruger LC9 continues to impress me as a very reliable concealed carry 9mm pistol. After installing the Galloway modified trigger bar and hammer the trigger pull is [...]

Ruger SR22 Review and reports about Ruger SR22  reliability. The Ruger SR22 has a black polymer frame, an aluminum slide, and it looks a lot like the Walther P22. Interestingly the controls, features, and specs are also very similar. But according to the reports I’ve read so far, the Ruger SR22 is a more reliable pistol [...]

The Ruger LC9 9mm is pretty much a copy of the KelTec PF9 but with better fit and finish and better quality. Ruger LC9 Price – I paid $260.00 for the PF9 and I paid $369.00 for the LC9. I think the added quality of the Ruger makes it worth the extra hundred dollars. You [...]

The Ruger LC9 can be very accurate for a small 9mm, but it suffers from a terrible trigger. The trigger has over 3/8 of an inch slop before it engages the hammer. Once engaged, the trigger travels about 3/4 inch until the break. The break occurs about 3/16 inch before the frame. This all adds [...]

Took my Ruger LC9 9mm to the Range for testing today. It was returned to the factory for a repair and update to remedy a problem with light firing pin strikes. Some of the first LC9’s had a problem with the firing pin channel getting clogged with metal debris from the primers on some brands [...]

Just got my Ruger LC9 returned from the factory. I called them on October 14 , received the shipping label, and shipped it the same day. Received the LC9 today just 10 days later. Great customer service from Ruger. The pistol was returned because it wouldn’t shoot Remington Golden Saber or Sellier & Bellot ammunition. [...]

Ruger LC9 Failure to Fire. At first I thought there was a problem with the Ruger LC9. After the first 175 rounds I started getting Failures to fire. Then the second trip to the range I shot 250 rounds before I started to get FTF. I hadn’t notice that the firing pin channel had become [...]

Ruger LC9 9mm Review – The Ruger LC9 is a nice looking slim single stack 9mm subcompact. It is larger than the Ruger LCP .380 but smaller than the Ruger SR9. It’s small size and 17.1 oz weight make it an ideal concealed carry 9mm pistol. It feels good in the hand and the black polymer [...]