I just purchased a new Colt SP6920 the civilian version of the Military M4. I had toyed with the idea of building an AR15 lower assembly and an upper assembly but decided instead to go ahead and buy a quality Colt AR15. The cost difference was about $400, My new semi-automatic rifle cost $1175.00. The [...]

Marlin Firearms has changed ownership and in 2008 Remington took over manufacturing at the New Haven, CT plant. Unfortunately the first few years of production suffered from ridiculous quality issues. Because of the quality issues it is important to be able to tell a Remington manufactured Marlin from a traditional high quality Marlin. The last [...]

Over the last couple years I have been checking out the Marlin 336. I recently saw a blued 336 at my local gun shop and my interest was renewed. It was a nice looking rifle but I decided to do a little price checking and research before closing the deal and I’m glad I did. [...]

A common question asked about the popular Marlin 336 lever-action rifle is “What year is my Marlin 336?” or “When was my Marlin 336 manufactured?”. Unlike many firearm manufactures Marlin Firearms made it easy to determine date of manufacture. The early 336 models had serial numbers that started with one or two letters which indicated [...]

I recently purchased a used 30-30 Marlin 336SS on GunBroker. Something I was curious about was when did Marlin Firearms manufacture the first Marlin 336 in stainless steel. After considerable searching I finally found a valuable and interesting list of Marlin 336 model variations. There is a wealth of information in this list found nowhere [...]

I recently purchased a CZ 527 Varmint in 223 on GunBroker.com. When the rifle arrived at my FFL the stock was broken. Not cracked, not just broken, but broken into two pieces. Check out the picture. The seller was Cedar Falls Tactical and they were great to work with. They ordered a new stock from [...]

The AR15 (5.56×45) was designed by Eugene Stoner as a lighter version of the AR10 (7.62×51). The original AR15 was designed and manufactured by Armalite (hence the AR designation) which in 1959 sold the AR15 and AR10 design to Colt. It was Colt who sold the rifle to the US Military as the M16. I [...]

The Cheapest AR15. I first got interested in the AR15, after watching a documentary on the History channel about the M16 and the engineer Eugene Stoner who developed the AR15 and the military version M16. Before seeing that program I had zero interest in the AR15, didn’t like the look of it, and didn’t care anything [...]