Ruger SR22 Review and reports about Ruger SR22  reliability. The Ruger SR22 has a black polymer frame, an aluminum slide, and it looks a lot like the Walther P22. Interestingly the controls, features, and specs are also very similar. But according to the reports I’ve read so far, the Ruger SR22 is a more reliable pistol [...]

The Sig Sauer P229 is available in a dozen different variations but I think one of the very best looking is the P229 Elite Stainless. The precision fit, superb finish and attention to detail are quite evident and along with the beautiful wrap around wood grips all work to make the P229 elite stainless truly [...]

The new Springfield single stack XD-S pistols will soon be available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. It is a small pistol suitable for concealed carry, just 6.3 inches long, 4.4 inches high, and 1 inch wide. The New XD-S points naturally a characteristic of all Springfield XD pistols, and has comfortable grip. It [...]

I just purchased the Smith and Wesson model 617. It has the classic look of the Smith and Wesson 38 special crafted in polished stainless. My new Smith 617 is built on the same medium size K frame and at first glance looks just like my S&W 686P. The only difference you notice after picking [...]

The Springfield XD and XDM are made in Croatia and Marketed by Springfield Armory.  The design is based on the HS2000 which was renamed the XD 9. The XD model line is available as full size, compact, and subcompact size pistols in 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 Sig, 45 GAP, and 45ACP. It has a number [...]

The Ruger LC9 9mm is pretty much a copy of the KelTec PF9 but with better fit and finish and better quality. Ruger LC9 Price – I paid $260.00 for the PF9 and I paid $369.00 for the LC9. I think the added quality of the Ruger makes it worth the extra hundred dollars. You [...]

Cheap ammunition is no bargain. The safety issues of using cheap ammunition can be catastrophic. When I first got interested in guns and shooting in 2009, I purchased a shotgun for home defense. Next I purchased a Glock 17. Being new to the gun experience and new to shooting I had a lot to learn [...]

The Beretta Nano is an excellent small 9mm for concealed carry. Some Nano owners, me included, have experienced reliability issues with FTE when using less than premium quality ammunition.  Today I learned from a YouTube video that the Beretta Nano was designed to use 124 grain and heavier ammo. In a video by You Tuber [...]

How many times do we hear the phrase “I didn’t know the gun was loaded”? How many times do we hear the phrase “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Here is an unfortunate accident that could easily have been prevented. Here, a perfect example of carelessness perpetrated by an experienced professional who was too [...]

How does the new Sig Sauer P938 compare with the Kimber Solo? The Kimber Solo is a great idea that was released before it was ready, much like Sig Sauer did with the P238. I personally owned the KImber Solo and after six months I had enough of unresolved problems and returns back to the [...]

Beretta Nano 3000 Rounds Review and Update. After shooting over 3000 rounds My Beretta Nano looks great and operates like new. The FTE problem is caused by low quality inconsistent power ammunition. Today’s range session puts the total round count through my Beretta Nano at 3030 rounds. Add an additional 72 rounds fired at Beretta for testing [...]

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