This is the absolutely best price I have seen on a Smith and Wesson 617. I was just on the Buds Gun Shop website and saw this special price. Here is a S&W 617 with 4 inch barrel, ten shot 22 caliber revolver, and yes it is the dash 6 with a lock. What is [...]

I recently got an opportunity to review some ammunition for one of my favorite online suppliers, Lucky Gunner. I purchase my ammo in bulk a thousand rounds at a time and I like LuckyGunner for their low prices and fast service. Russ at Lucky Gunner sent me two boxes of made in Korea PMC Gold [...]

Pros and Cons of the initial offering Sig Sauer P938. It seems that many new guns go through an initial period of Beta testing when first released on the market. The problems that show up when guns are first released are either quality control issues or design problems. Sig Sauer has a reputation for being a [...]

I just recently started reloading. This is my Smith & Wesson 686P Accuracy shooting my first 357 Magnum rounds. The brass was new Star Line purchased from MidWayUSA. The bullets were Hornady 158 Gr XTP jacketed hollow points. The powder was 10 grains of Accurate No. 9. This produced a mild load with velocity just over 1000 [...]

The Smith and Wesson 3913 is well known for accuracy and reliability. It is all metal with aluminum alloy frame, stainless slide, and stainless barrel. It has an ambidextrous safety/de-cocker lever, a slide release lever, a magazine release, and a magazine disconnect which disables the trigger when the magazine is removed. It is thin, at [...]

The Smith & Wesson CS45 is a compact semi-automatic pistol chambered in .45 ACP and is one of the Smith and Wesson Gen 3 models. These were the last all metal pistols produced before Smith started building the present day polymer frame pistols. The 3rd Gen Smith & Wesson pistols are often overlooked and not [...]

Comparing the 22 Magnum Rifle vs 9mm Handgun for Self Defense. The .22 Magnum is without a doubt better than the .22 LR but not near as suitable for defense as 9mm. In 2011, Speer released the 40 grain GDHP-SB a .22 magnum version of their Gold Dot Personal Protection ammo, and Hornady released the [...]

Beretta Nano Holster,  Accessories, and .40 S&W availability. The annual 2012 NRA meeting and exhibits in St. Louis provided an opportunity to overhear Ben Cook of Beretta talking about what we can expect in the near future for the Beretta Nano in the way of night sights, lasers, an extended magazine, and the new .40 S&W  Nano. [...]

I recently shot another 300 rounds of American Eagle 115 grain and 200 rounds of steel cased Tulammo to complete my Ruger LC9 1000 Round Review Update. The Ruger LC9 continues to impress me as a very reliable concealed carry 9mm pistol. After installing the Galloway modified trigger bar and hammer the trigger pull is [...]

Reloading – The Pros and Cons of Reloading Your Own Ammunition. My interest in guns and being prepared in survival situations has piqued my interest to learn more about ammunition reloading. Making the decision to reload or not depends on determining the cost savings, the cost of reloading equipment, the cost of reloading supplies, learning [...]

The Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum was made famous by Clint Eastwood in his Dirty Harry movies. Dirty Harry carried a Smith and Wesson model 29, “The most powerful handgun in the world”, and it was at that time. My favorite Dirty Harry quote is from the movie Sudden Impact when Harry says to the [...]

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