Home Defense

The ongoing argument about comparing the stopping power of 9mm to .45 caliber. I have read a lot of conversations and arguments comparing the two calibers. I don’t understand why each isn’t a perfectly good home defense caliber. What I see missing from these “which is best” arguments is any laboratory tests using repeatable testing [...]

It is the gun you are comfortable with, can handle safely,  and can shoot accurately. There is no one gun fits all answer. Each citizen has preferences, likes, and dislikes. The “best” home defense gun for me may not suit someone else. And to be honest my personal choices have been modified over time and [...]

Why Buy a Gun For Home Defense – I first got interested in guns at age 65 at the end of 2009 during the Obama administration. I was disturbed at the way the Democrats Progressives, liberals were shoving health care through the House and Senate. The Obama administration was on a march to fundamentally change [...]

The best home defense weapon is the one you feel comfortable with, can shoot safely, and shoot accurately. Whether that is a shotgun or a handgun is a matter of personal choice. The need for taking action to ensure your own personal home defense is increasing. It seems that home break ins and home invasions [...]

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