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The argument about Which is Better? 9mm or .45 Cal continues when comparing the stopping power of 9mm to .45 caliber. I have read a lot of conversations and arguments comparing the two calibers. I don’t understand why each isn’t a perfectly good home defense caliber. What I see missing from these “which is best” [...]

The Glock 42 has been received with some mixed feelings. At first glance it is very appealing and is clearly a little Glock in every way. But when I studied the specifications it was disappointing to find out that the 42 is the same size as many small 9mm pistols available today. Here is my [...]

When I first got interested in having a gun for protection at home my research pointed to the Shotgun as a good all around choice. Although there is something to be said for the sound of racking a round into the chamber of a Remington 870 12 Gauge, and the unmatched knock down power, the [...]

Length Height Width Barrel Weight Capacity Sights Price Beretta Nano 5.63″ 4.17″ .90″ 3.07″ 17.67oz 6 + 1 3 Dot $399 Kimber Solo 5.5″ 3.9″ .995″ 2.7″ 17.0oz 6 + 1 3 Dot $680 Ruger LC9 6.0″ 4.5″ .90″ 3.12″ 17.1oz 7 + 1 3 Dot $340 KelTec PF9 5.85″ 4.3″ .88″ 3.1″ 12.7oz 7 [...]

I recently got an opportunity to review some ammunition for one of my favorite online suppliers, Lucky Gunner. I purchase my ammo in bulk a thousand rounds at a time and I like LuckyGunner for their low prices and fast service. Russ at Lucky Gunner sent me two boxes of made in Korea PMC Gold [...]

Comparing the 22 Magnum Rifle vs 9mm Handgun for Self Defense. The .22 Magnum is without a doubt better than the .22 LR but not near as suitable for defense as 9mm. In 2011, Speer released the 40 grain GDHP-SB a .22 magnum version of their Gold Dot Personal Protection ammo, and Hornady released the [...]

Cheap ammunition is no bargain. The safety issues of using cheap ammunition can be catastrophic. When I first got interested in guns and shooting in 2009, I purchased a shotgun for home defense. Next I purchased a Glock 17. Being new to the gun experience and new to shooting I had a lot to learn [...]

How many times do we hear the phrase “I didn’t know the gun was loaded”? How many times do we hear the phrase “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Here is an unfortunate accident that could easily have been prevented. Here, a perfect example of carelessness perpetrated by an experienced professional who was too [...]

This article and the information contained in this website is not intended to provide legal advice in any way. The laws change, enforcement policies change without notice. Contact the BATF directly to get current and up to date information. About Section 922R Compliance and 922R Compliance Parts. In 1989 gun control advocates passed a law that [...]

The best home defense handgun is the Glock in my opinion. I am not saying the Glock is the best handgun just that it makes an excellent choice as a home defense weapon because it is easy to use, reliable, light weight, available in full size, compact, and sub compact sizes, and is available in [...]

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