There is a difference in selecting a handgun for home defense and selecting a handgun for self defense. The home defense weapon can be a larger full size and heavier handgun with maximum magazine capacity. The handgun for self defense will most likely be used for concealed carry so the size and weight become a [...]

My review of the 9 mm FNP-9 in Matte Stainless. The 9mm by FN is a nice looking 9 mm pistol. The matte stainless slide looks great sitting on the black polymer frame and the barrel is also made of hammer forged stainless steel. It is also very reasonably priced. I paid $389.00 for mine over [...]

I saw a review of the FN Herstal FNP-45 in Matte Stainless on a YouTube video and liked what I saw. What really caught my attention was a matching FNP-9. The two pistols made a nice looking set I thought. I already owned an FNAR .308 rifle so I was familiar with FN quality. The [...]

My CZ-75B Polished Stainless Review. The story behind how I got interested in this classic pistol by CZ. I was at my local  range shooting my .22 Cal rifles at 50 yards when a very attractive young woman set up to shoot on the 25 Yd. targets one table from me. She put up her [...]

Easy to use Reliable High capacity Light weight Inexpensive Glock is the point and shoot handgun. They are so simple to use that all you have to do is aim and squeeze the trigger. No worry about forgetting to release the safety in a panic situation, or the fear of the moment causing one to [...]

I just shot my CZ-75B 9mm for the first time today. All I can say is that it shoots as good as it looks. The gun has a comfortable feel, it just feels good in the hand. Pull the CZ-75B up and the sights fall right on target. Just squeeze and pop, another hole in [...]

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