Beretta Nano Review after shooting 1000 rounds of all types of ammunition. Included are a few other range reports that provide both positive and negative comments. I think the Beretta Nano is an outstanding 9mm subcompact pistol. Previously I shot 300 rounds during two different range sessions. Today I drove an hour to the nearest [...]

Kimber Solo Pros and Cons based on my personal experience. I purchased the Kimber Solo Carry 9mm subcompact pistol in March 2011. After six months of shooting over 1700 rounds I gained an appreciation for the Solo’s good points along with some disappointment. It is important to note that not every Solo owner has problems. [...]

I just held a Beretta Nano for the first time today and first impressions are not great! The pistol felt top heavy to me. Perhaps this will balance out with a full magazine installed. The grip is short with little finger curled under. This is not a problem for me because I shoot my Glock [...]

I have gathered several Sig Mosquito Reviews that shed some light on the typical problems and tips for improvements. I recently bought a Sig Sauer 22lr Mosquito because I liked the look and feel of the gun and it was a Sig. After getting it home I had more time for research because the shooting [...]

I often see requests to compare the Kimber Solo to the Glock 26. There really isn’t much in common between the two except the 9mm caliber. The Glock 26, commonly called the “Baby” Glock has gained worldwide popularity among secret service and security personnel because it is undeniably reliable. Based on the Kimber Solo track [...]

Check out the new Beretta Nano for Concealed Carry. I have purchased several small 9mm pistols for concealed carry and so far none of them provides what I want in a concealed carry weapon. After reading this range report for the Beretta Nano I am looking to buy a Nano and give it a try. [...]

The SIG SAUER Mosquito is a scaled down .22lr version of the popular P226. The 90% smaller size Sig  22 has all the controls of the full size pistol with reduced recoil, less noise, and lower cost compared to shooting more expensive 9mm ammunition.  The Mosquito has a polymer frame with an accessory rail, a [...]

The Beretta Nano 9mm may well be one of the top small 9mm pistols for concealed carry. So far there are quite a few subcompact 9mm on the market but only a few are ready for prime time and are reliable enough to use for self defense. The Beretta Nano is just becoming available and [...]

One of the classic arguments in the world of handguns is the comparison of the 9mm vs .45 ACP for personal defense. Check out any forum dedicated to concealed carry and hand guns for self defense and you will find arguments about the benefits of the 9mm round compared to the .45 ACP. 9mm Ballistics compares the 9mm [...]

The Kimber Solo Carry 9mm Subcompact is an exceptional small size pistol designed for concealed carry. It has everything I want in a concealed carry pistol. It is small size, good fit and finish, Quality construction, feels good in the hand, very accurate, looks good, very nice appearance. It is just too bad that it [...]

Cleaning a Glock and Glock Cleaning Tips. Glock handguns account for over 60 percent of the world handgun market and there is a reason for this. They work and they are easy to maintain! I call it elegant simplicity, Glocks are not nice looking guns, but Glocks are elegant in their simplicity of design. Part of [...]

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