If you want a small pistol, smaller than a Glock 26 that has an SA/DA external hammer, manual safety, with 10 round and 14 round magazine capacity that is extremely accurate then the 2075 Rami may suit your needs. It is just a superb concealed carry pistol for self defense applications. The Rami 2075 is [...]

My CZ-75B Polished Stainless Review. The story behind how I got interested in this classic pistol by CZ. I was at my local  range shooting my .22 Cal rifles at 50 yards when a very attractive young woman set up to shoot on the 25 Yd. targets one table from me. She put up her [...]

I just shot my CZ-75B 9mm for the first time today. All I can say is that it shoots as good as it looks. The gun has a comfortable feel, it just feels good in the hand. Pull the CZ-75B up and the sights fall right on target. Just squeeze and pop, another hole in [...]