Beretta Nano Holster,  Accessories, and .40 S&W availability. The annual 2012 NRA meeting and exhibits in St. Louis provided an opportunity to overhear Ben Cook of Beretta talking about what we can expect in the near future for the Beretta Nano in the way of night sights, lasers, an extended magazine, and the new .40 S&W  Nano. [...]

The Beretta Nano is an excellent small 9mm for concealed carry. Some Nano owners, me included, have experienced reliability issues with FTE when using less than premium quality ammunition.  Today I learned from a YouTube video that the Beretta Nano was designed to use 124 grain and heavier ammo. In a video by You Tuber [...]

Beretta Nano 3000 Rounds Review and Update. After shooting over 3000 rounds My Beretta Nano looks great and operates like new. The FTE problem is caused by low quality inconsistent power ammunition. Today’s range session puts the total round count through my Beretta Nano at 3030 rounds. Add an additional 72 rounds fired at Beretta for testing [...]

On January 2, 2012 I returned my Beretta Nano to Beretta in Maryland to determine why I keep getting an occasional failure to extract. The spent case is left in the chamber and the slide moves all the way rearward and then returns, loading the next round directly behind the spent case, or sometimes under [...]

Beretta Nano Review after shooting 1000 rounds of all types of ammunition. Included are a few other range reports that provide both positive and negative comments. I think the Beretta Nano is an outstanding 9mm subcompact pistol. Previously I shot 300 rounds during two different range sessions. Today I drove an hour to the nearest [...]

I just held a Beretta Nano for the first time today and first impressions are not great! The pistol felt top heavy to me. Perhaps this will balance out with a full magazine installed. The grip is short with little finger curled under. This is not a problem for me because I shoot my Glock [...]

Check out the new Beretta Nano for Concealed Carry. I have purchased several small 9mm pistols for concealed carry and so far none of them provides what I want in a concealed carry weapon. After reading this range report for the Beretta Nano I am looking to buy a Nano and give it a try. [...]

The Beretta Nano 9mm may well be one of the top small 9mm pistols for concealed carry. So far there are quite a few subcompact 9mm on the market but only a few are ready for prime time and are reliable enough to use for self defense. The Beretta Nano is just becoming available and [...]

More Information About the Beretta Nano 9mm for CCW As the Beretta Nano release gets closer we learn more and more about it. Here is a well written article from the Gun Mart Blog that doesn’t have any new information but reemphasizes what we already know. I take that back, mention is made of the [...]

The Beretta Nano is described by Beretta as a micro compact carry 9mm pistol. In fact, it compares almost exactly in size to the Kimber Solo Carry Subcompact 9mm pistol. The serialized part is the removable stainless steel chassis that houses the trigger mechanism and magazine well. This type of modular construction makes the Nano [...]

Compare the Beretta Nano subcompact 9mm pistol to the Kel-Tec PF9. I own the Kel Tec  PF9 for which I paid $260.00. The Beretta Nano MSRP is listed at $475.00 but you can find the Beretta Nano for sale online for $399.99. The Beretta Nano is expected to be available towards the end of October 2011. [...]

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