Beretta Nano vs Kimber Solo

Compare the Beretta Nano to the Kimber Solo. I own the Solo. It is a beautiful little pistol but Kimber released it before it was ready for prime time. If the Beretta Nano performs as well and is as reliable as the Beretta Storm series of pistols then I will probably buy one. Although it isn’t fair to compare a subcompact to a larger size pistol because it is more difficult to design and get the smaller pistol to operate properly. I am seriously thinking about trying to return the Solo or trade it. Maybe even trade it for a Beretta Nano.

The Kimber Solo price runs $650.00 on the low side to a typical Kimber Solo price of $699.00. The Beretta Nano price is expected to be $475.00. Find the Beretta Nano for sale online for $399.99. The Beretta Nano is available now.

Beretta Nano vs Kimber Solo

Beretta Nano vs Kimber Solo

The Beretta Nano has no external safety, the Solo has a very easy to use ambidextrous external safety that is easy to operate, flip on and off using the thumb. I like the Kimber Solo external safety. The Beretta Nano has no external slide release/slide lock. The Solo has a slide release/slide lock. Size and weight are very close between the two subcompacts. The Kimber has the shortest barrel length of any 9mm pistol at 2.7″ barrel length. Capacity is the same between the two and the Kimber Solo has an optional 8 round magazine available at additional cost.

The Kimber Solo is designed to use 124 gr and 147 gr premium grade ammunition. My Solo has been back to the factory twice. It still doesn’t operate as dependably now as when it was new. Now every once in a while the first round doesn’t seat properly causing a light strike and failure to fire. Once in a while the slide doesn’t lock back after the last round is fired. As with all small subcompact 9mm pistols a good grip and firing position is critical to get the pistol to cycle properly.

Below are Beretta Nano Specs compared to Kimber Solo Specs:

                        Beretta Nano     Kimber Solo

Caliber                  9x19mm           9x19mm
OA Length          5.63″                 5.5″
OA height           4.17″                 3.9″
Barrel                    3.07″                 2.7″
Width                   .90″                   .995″
Sight Radius     4.92″                 4.40″
Weight               17.67 oz.           17 oz.
Capacity            6 + 1                 6 + 1
Trigger              Striker               Striker

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