The Cheapest AR15

The Cheapest AR15. I first got interested in the AR15, after watching a documentary on the History channel about the M16 and the engineer Eugene Stoner who developed the AR15 and the military version M16. Before seeing that program I had zero interest in the AR15, didn’t like the look of it, and didn’t care anything about it. After watching the show I understood the concept and gained an appreciation of the unique design, simplicity, and interchangeability of components.

DPMS Panther Lite 20

My DPMS Panther Lite 20 shoots 5.56×45 and .223

The next day I made the trip to my favorite local gun shop to look at one, and as luck would have it, they had a DPMS Panther lite 20 on sale for $599.00 so I purchased the rifle. Once I got home I started searching the Internet and found that I couldn’t buy a kit or the individual parts to build the same rifle for the price I paid which made it the cheapest AR15 I could find anywhere, so I went back the next day and bought another one.

The same AR15 rifle price at Buds Gun Shop is $710.00 with shipping included. Find the same rifle on for $720.00 – $775.00 plus shipping. So my price of $599.00 makes mine the cheapest AR15.

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