Ruger LC9 9mm Review

Ruger LC9 9mm Subcompact Review

Ruger LC9 9mm Subcompact Review

Ruger LC9 9mm Review – The Ruger LC9 is a nice looking slim single stack 9mm subcompact. It is larger than the Ruger LCP .380 but smaller than the Ruger SR9. It’s small size and 17.1 oz weight make it an ideal concealed carry 9mm pistol. It feels good in the hand and the black polymer frame has checkering on the grip sides and front strap, and back strap. The pistol is smoothed all around and its narrow .9″ width make it easy to holster and conceal without catching on things.

The trigger guard is rounded in the front. I prefer the flat front combat style trigger guard, a la Glock, which helps me grip the front of the trigger guard. The pistol uses a DAO hammer with a long smooth trigger pull. During the pull the hammer is raised and I noticed that the trigger feel varied from the several guns I tried.

Ruger LC9 Rounded Front Trigger Guard

Ruger LC9 Rounded Front Trigger Guard

The LC9 comes with one 7 round magazine. Ruger must be taking lessons from Kimber on this. Two magazine floor plates are provided, one flat and one with a finger extension. MidwayUSA has Ruger factory magazines with extension for sale at $28.99 each and the flat floor plate mags for $24.99 but both were out of stock at the time of this writing.

The Ruger LC9 uses 3 dot sights. The dots seem small to me and the quality of the dots varied, some pistols had bright white dots and some were not so bright.

Controls include a left side magazine release button, Slide release lever, Ruger labels it as a slide stop. The manual safety on the left side can be operated with the thumb if you are shooting right handed.

Ruger LC9 Controls

Ruger LC9 Controls

A California compliant loaded chamber indicator is right in front of the rear sight.

The LC9 has an internal lock that requires a special key, and a magazine safety that won’t allow the pistol to be fired without a magazine installed. Is this really a good idea?

Things I like:

  • like the small size
  • like the smooth edges
  • Slim narrow width
  • like the look

Things I don’t like:

  • Internal lock
  • Magazine safety
  • Long pull and feel of the DAO trigger
  • Take down cover to retain the take down pin – Even though I don’t like the take down method because of the possibility of losing the small pin, and the need to have a small tool to push the pin out, I have to admit that it does have the benefit of making the side of the pistol smooth and snag free.
    Ruger LC9 Take Down Pin Cover

    Ruger LC9 Take Down Pin Cover



  • Ruger LC9 shown with finger extension

    Ruger LC9 With Finger Extension

The MSRP is $443.00. Buds Gun Shop has them priced at $389.00. When I looked at the pistol at Scheels the LC9 price was $369.99. I think that is an outstanding price. I had the gun at the sales counter and was starting the paperwork when I asked if it would shoot +P ammunition. That’s when I read through the owner’s manual to find that Ruger specifically states NOT to use +P+ ammo in the LC9. I learned something new. I thought I read +P when the manual warns against using +P+ ammo which is hotter than +P. The Ruger LC9 is fine with +P ammo.

Ruger LC9 Specifications

  • Overall Length – 6.00″
  • Width – .9″
  • Heigth – 4.5″
  • Weight – 17.1 oz
  • Capacity = 7 + 1
  • Barrel Length – 3.12″
  • Sights – 3 dot adjustable

Here is the Ruger LC9 disassembled for cleaning. Frame, Slide, Barrel, Recoil Spring, and Take Down Pin.

Ruger LC9 Disassembled, Frame, Slide, Barrel, Recoil Spring and Pin

Ruger LC9 Disassembled, Frame, Slide, Barrel, Recoil Spring and Pin

For additional information and opinions about the Ruger LC9 9mm check out The Firearm Blog.

For LC9 parts go to the Ruger LC9 Online Parts Store.

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  • cebur19 Dec 6, 2012, 7:08 am

    I think you made the right choice in the LC9. If you are OK with the trigger then you will love the gun. It is very accurate, very reliable, and has a good fit and finish. I own both. It is just a better quality gun all around than the PF9. I am new to concealed carry myself and still don’t feel confident carrying with a round in the chamber so I like the idea of having an external safety.

  • Robert Dec 5, 2012, 9:40 pm

    I was all set to buy the Kel-tec Pf9 earlier this week but at the last minute I ended up going with this gun. I got to put 200 rounds of Winchester white box through it today and it functioned perfectly. There is a lot of talk about the trigger pull being too long but I thought it was fine. You just need to stage it properly. There happened to be another guy at the range with the PF9 and he let me shoot it. The webbing of my hand was red and sore after two magazines. I’m not sure why?

  • cebur19 Sep 18, 2012, 3:34 pm

    Thank you Vince for your comment. It is much appreciated. I assume you prefer a heavier pistol in a size comparable to the LC9. I have the Beretta Nano. It is a slightly heavier than the LC9, accurate, reliable, and higher quality fit and finish. I also have the S&W Shield which is just about the same size as the LC9 and shoots like a full size pistol. Very accurate, comfortable, and is available with an external thumb safety like the LC9. Another small pistol I really like is the S&W CS9. The CS9 is all metal so it is heavier, very accurate, is true double action for the first shot and single action for subsequent shots, and has external thumb safety. The CS9 is out of production but can still be purchased used in the $400 – $500 range.

  • vincent j. flow Sep 18, 2012, 9:42 am

    I have one of these guns and gave it to my son,,,,I like everything about it ,except the weight ….I want to buy another one for myself ,but will wait untill a new model comes in at a later weight ,,I carry all the time ,,,I also have a lcp ,like it very much ,but not enough cal to be sure ,,nice reading your articles ,,,any suggestions ? thanks Vince