Kimber Solo 9mm Slide Peening

Kimber Solo 9mm Slide Peening problem. During cleaning after my last trip to the range I noticed some metal debris in the slide area. Closer inspection showed damage to the slide locking lugs, especially the front lug. These are the lugs into which the barrel lugs mesh when the pistol is fired. There were chips broken out of the rear side of the forward lug. I called Kimber to explain the problem. It didn’t take long to give them my information and for Kimber to send me a mailing label with instructions for the return of my ailing Kimber Solo. I was told that turnaround time will be a minimum of 5 to 10 business days. Kimber will call me when the pistol is ready to ship.

Here is a video describing  Kimber Solo Slide Peening.

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