Kimber Solo 9mm Subcompact Accuracy

The accuracy of my new Kimber Solo 9mm Subcompact has been in doubt for me. I paid $700.00 for it, and the gun is so nice looking that I have become obsessed with learning how to shoot it. My previous trip to the range was a disappointment because I had holes all over the target. I had to go to a large target just to find out where my shots were hitting.

Kimber Solo Target

Kimber Solo Target with 8 Inch Group at 15 Yds

Well, I am now smiling. I think I am starting to learn how to shoot this little pistol.  I am starting to get 6″ to 8″ groups at 15 yards. Considering that data indicates that most self defense scenarios take place within about 7 yards or less, my group size should be about 3″ to 4″ at 7 yards. I feel that is adquate, but I’m looking forward to more progress in tightening up my groups.

Why this range trip is important to me is that now I can see the potential accuracy of the Kimber Solo. The pistol has the quality and accuracy built in. All I need to do is learn the basics and practice, practice, and practice.

These targets were shot using Golden Saber +P 124 grain JHP and Sellier & Bellot 124 Grain FMJ ammunition. I also shot 50 rounds of Federal HyShok 115 grain Ammo. with no problems at all.

Kimber Solo Target with nice group at 15 Yds

Kimber Solo Target with 6" to 8" Group at 15 Yds

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