Glock 26, Baby Glock, Grip Extension Pinch

The Glock 26, Baby Glock, Is an excellent and very accurate concealed carry 9mm pistol that holds 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition. The only characteristic that gets criticism on this pistol is the short grip length which requires that the pinky finger wrap under the grip butt. The reality is, that after shooting the G26 a while you can get accustomed to the pinky wrap under the grip and the pistol handles well, and shoots accurately.

Pearce Grip Extension Glock 26

Pearce Grip Extension for Glock 26

Pearce makes excellent quality grip extensions and magazine extensions for a variety of popular handguns. Adding a Pearce grip extension does make holding and gripping the Glock 26 more comfortable but there is a down side. After adding the Pearce magazine extension to provide a comfortable place for the pinky finger to grip I experienced severe Glock 26, Baby Glock, Grip Extension Pinch.

Holding Glock 26 with 10 Rd Magazine

Holding Glock 26 with 10 Rd Magazine

Here is the Glock 26, with pinky wrapped under the standard 10 round magazine.

Glock 26 with Pearce Grip Extension

Glock 26 with Pearce Grip Extension Installed

Glock 26 Pinch Point Before

Glock 26 Pinch Point

Here is the G26 with Pearce extension installed. Notice the pinch point. The pinch is aggravated by the sharp protrusion on the extension that is supposed to streamline the grip extension with the Glock 26 grip. Unfortunately, this sharp protrusion can cause severe pinch which distracts from the business of keeping your mind on, and dealing with the threat.

Glock 26 Pinky Pinch

Glock 26 Pinky Pinch Blood Blister

Here is the result of a severe pinch. This is completely unsatisfactory and just about eliminates the grip extension as a safe and worthwhile Glock 26 subcompact accessory.

In an attempt to remedy the problem I filed the sharp protrusion off the Pearce extension. You can see the difference in the picture. The modified grip extension is quite a bit better. Although it does not completely eliminate the possibility of pinch it does reduce it considerably and the pinch is more of a pressure than pain.

Glock 26 Pinch Point After

Glock 26 Pinch Point After Removal

Another possibility I’m considering is adding something to the extension to reduce the upward movement when the gun fires.

It seems strange to me that Pearce hasn’t already tackled this problem. Their grip extensions are high quality and fit the magazine perfectly. It seems they must have missed this irritating pinch problem with their product. I will bring it to their attention and perhaps we can find a remedy.

Glock 26 Extended Magazine Before and After

Glock 26 Extended Magazine Before and After

Here is the Pearce Grip Extension before and after removal of the sharp protrusion.


Glock 26 Mag Extension Pinch O'ring

Glock 26 Mag Extension Pinch O’ring




Here is a suggestion from Carl Nebelsky about his remedy to relieve the pinch problem with his Glock 26.

“I read your article on the “Glock 26 pinch” when using the Pearce mag extension or others. I filed down the sharp lip and put a piece of soft-side velcro in the gap but it still pinched. Then I went to my Ace Hardware, and bought a #64 O-ring, part# 9D0035778B. I slid it on the mag until it sat at the top of the extension. The mag clicks in tight but the mag does not move which causes the pinch. I just shot 100 rounds of 9mm and not one pinch. I hope that helps you.”

Thanks Carl,
The Glock 26 is one of my favorites. The extended grip mag extension just finishes it off nicely. Your suggestion is a great idea.
Chuck Burns

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