Beretta 92FS 9mm Review

The Beretta 92FS is a large size 9mm that has become a classic since it was first produced by Pietro Beretta of Italy in 1975. I have only been buying guns for the last year or so and the Inox version of the pistol caught my eye while watching the movie Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone. Since then I noticed it in several other movies and did a little Internet research to learn more about it. The US Military version is known as the M9. It is a favorite of law enforcement, and quite popular in movies.

Beretta 92FS 9mm Inox

Beretta 92FS 9mm Inox

The most interesting aspect of the pistol is the exposed barrel. This is not noticeable at first unless you are a gun enthusiast. After the exposed barrel, the next most impressive characteristic is the large size of the grip. The full size Beretta 9mm is indeed a handful. A feature that I like is that the slide release is a true slide release and not just a slide stop. The slide release lever and the decocker safety levers are easy to access with the thumb. Another feature that suits my shooting style is the combat trigger guard with flat front. I like to hold the pistol with both hands and that flat front of the trigger guard makes it easy for me to gain a firm grip.

Holding the Beretta 92FS in Hand

Holding the Beretta 92FS in Hand

This Beretta slide moves effortlessly, and smoothly. Trigger pull is also smooth and crisp. It was these characteristics, indicative of the overall superb fit and finish that sold me on the 92FS.

The grip size may not be appreciated by those with smaller hands. But Beretta caters to those folks with a compact version called the Beretta Brigadier, and Beretta type M 9mm compact.

There is no rail on this pistol so adding accessories is limited to laser grips. There is a new version introduced in 2010 called the 92A1 which has an accessory rail on the underside of the frame.

Suitability for Concealed Carry – In my opinion, because of the size and the weight, the Beretta 92 is not a viable concealed carry pistol. It is well suited as a home defense weapon, a duty weapon, and a service pistol. Beretta did make the compact L model with 13 round double stacked magazine, a shorter barrel, and compact size frame. The Beretta compact type M is similar to the model L except it has a single stack 8 round magazine.

The Beretta 92 Inox – The term Inox is derived from the Italian word inoxidable, which means rust resistant.

Beretta 92FS Right Side View

Beretta 92FS Right Side View

My Beretta 92FS stainless 9mm cost me $699.00 at Scheels. I had a $25 Scheels Visa points card, and there was a promotion going on that gave me another $25.00 off. The even better news is that Beretta has a $50.00 rebate promotion that gives me an additional $50. My end price for the Beretta Inox was $599.00. This is a great deal because the same pistol for sale at Buds Gun Shop costs $664.00 at the time. You can find Beretta Inox prices at in the $700.00 range with extra for shipping. I looked at a used Beretta 92FS pistol at Scheels. There were two black pistols that looked to be in excellent condition. The used Beretta 92FS price in black was $549.00. A new pistol of the same type only costs $50 more at $599.00, so I wasn’t much interested in buying used. One thing I learned from the gun manager at Scheels is that The Beretta 92FS in black is their number one seller, and the Inox is number two. For that reason he told me that I wouldn’t see a Beretta 92FS sale. They don’t have to discount the gun because they are so popular.

Beretta 92FS trigger – The trigger operates in single action and double action mode. The first shot is double action. The reward movement of the slide cocks the trigger and all following shots are single action.

The Beretta M9 is the 9mm military version that was adopted by the US Military in 1985 to replace the M1911 .45ACP pistol.

Beretta 92FS 3 Dot Sight Picture

Beretta 92FS 3 Dot Sight Picture

The sights are standard 3 dot. I don’t care for the color, they are red dots. The first thing I did was use my Testors white model paint to change the color to bright white to help me see the dots. Big mistake here, at least on the front dot. My Beretta is the brushed stainless Inox which is pretty much white in color. Making the front dot white meant I couldn’t see it at all. Once I realized this I quickly removed the paint from the front blade sight. Having the two rear dots white with the front dot the original red works. It would be even better I think, if the front dot was black.

Accuracy – I haven’t shot this pistol yet, a range report is fourth coming.

I will Compare the Beretta 92FS to other full size 9mm pistols such as the CZ-75B, the Glock 17, the FNP-9, and the Beretta PX4 Storm.

Accessories – Not much available in the way of accessories because the Beretta 92FS has no accessory rail. You can install Beretta 92FS wood grips, or Beretta 92FS laser grips and that is about the extent of available accessories.

Holsters – Check out my favorite for holsters, Galco which are beautifully crafted leather holsters. Tagua gun leather holsters are also beautifully made and a bit more reasonably priced.

Owners manual – Owners manuals are available for download free of charge directly from the online Beretta website.

Disassembly – Take down is actually easier than a Glock. You Glock owners know how easy it is to remove  the slide once the slide is pre-positioned to allow the slide release bar to be pressed down. On the Beretta, there is no need to pre-position the slide for removal. On this Beretta you just enable the slide release button from the right side, then rotate the slide release lever on the left side. The slide can then be easily removed.

Beretta 92FS 9mm Disassembled

Beretta 92FS 9mm Disassembled, Frame, Recoil spring, Barrel, Slide

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  • Mark G Aug 18, 2014, 9:17 am

    I bought this because it fits my hands like a glove. Only plastic part on the 92fs is the mag release, but u can get an after market metal one. Pleasure to fire, dead nuts accurate right out of box. Also, beretta makes a “speed loader”, paid $7 & shipping, that is worth the money right there. U can tell I like this gun, use a SOB holster with no issues on ccw.

  • SD3 Jul 9, 2014, 1:41 pm

    Bought my 92FS inox (barely) ‘used’ for ~$525. Awesome gun, especially with a 30-round mag. Need to get some trijicon night sight on it, though.

  • Chuck Burns Jun 1, 2014, 7:58 am

    I am guessing you have the compact model with 10 round magazine? Two points here. Do you have the same issue with both mags? Beretta magazines can have some stiff springs that make it difficult to load full capacity.

    If this is the case then load the magazine and let it set a day or two to relax the springs.

    The second possibility is the magazine in defective. \

    In either case I would contact the gun shop from which you made the purchase. Get them involved ASAP and get the magazine issue resolved.

  • Barry May 31, 2014, 11:14 pm

    I just picked up my 92fs today, and to my dismay I can’t get 10 rounds in the clip. I tried different brands of ammo which did not help. I believe the clips that came with the gun have the wrong springs. Is that possible? I was only able to load 7 rounds. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    Thank you for your help. Barry

  • Chuck Burns Apr 26, 2014, 4:42 pm

    I agree completely, a very cool gun. The grips are quite fat but the Beretta 92FS is comfortable ans a pleasure to shoot.

  • Stephen Gunlock Apr 26, 2014, 10:31 am

    I recently bought my 92FS at Bass Pro, in Independence, MO. I absolutley love this gun. Not only is it beautiful, it’s a sweetheart to shoot. I have small hands, but the large grip offers no problem at all. The gun is heavy, but not a problem. It it such a cool looking monster, too.


  • cebur19 Aug 9, 2012, 8:19 am

    I’m not sure I understand your question. The Beretta 92FS has a large grip that fills the hand and it is an all metal gun. The extra weight makes it very comfortable to shoot. Recoil is not an issue at all in this 9mm pistol.

  • jose luis shapiama del aguila Aug 8, 2012, 6:54 pm

    me gusta buen arma la mejor qusiera saber el presio