Compare Kimber Solo to Kahr PM9

Compare Kimber Solo to Kahr PM9 – There is a lot of interest in comparing the new Kimber Solo subcompact 9mm concealed carry pistol to the Kahr PM9. Here is a comparison of their specs:

Compare Kimber Solo to Kahr PM9
Kimber Solo
Kahr PM9
Caliber 9mm 124 grain or 147 grain 9mm
Capacity 6+1 6+1
Extended Cap 8+1 7+1
Barrel Length 2.7 inches 3.0 inches
Length OA 5.5 inches 5.42 inches
Height 3.9 inches 4.0 inches
Width, slide .995 inches .9 inches
Weight 17 ounces empty 15.9 ounces empty
Trigger action Striker fired SAO Striker fired DAO
Trigger pull 7 pounds 6.5 pounds
Sights 3 dot fixed 3 dot drift adjustable
Sight radius 4.4 inches 4.46 inches
Magazines, Std one 6 RD 6 RD and 7RD Extended
Magazines, Ext 8RD Extended at extra cost 7RD extended included at N/C
Frame Aluminum alloy Polymer
Slide Stainless steel
Safety External 1911 style Glock style, no external safety
Magazine release Ambidextruous Left side

Here is a link to an excellent review of the Kahr PM9 It is a PDF.

Chart comparing the Kimber Solo and the Kahr PM9

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  • cebur19 Nov 29, 2012, 8:05 pm

    Thanks for your comment, I don’t own a Kahr but I have come close on more than one occasion to buying the Kahr PM9. It is a nice size, and a quality built pistol.

  • JJ Nov 29, 2012, 6:37 pm

    I would take the PM9 over the Kimber in a heartbeat. I must admit I find the Kimbers to be overpriced… with MANY MIM parts and a sad history of malfunctions and problems. the PM9 has functioned flawlessly for me, other Kahr pistols DID require the recommended break-in of 200 rounds or so… but this is because the tolerances are extremely tight. I do find the PM line to be better built, my CW40 had a nasty quirk, it would not eject an unfired cartridge (too long for the port) so I had to pull the slide back after removing the mag and “jiggling” it around until it tumbled out… sold it fast. the PM9 is top notch and once broken for assurance, I trust it. My experience with everyday carry’s like the LCP, LC9 P3AT were all very disappointing. The only other deep conceal pistol that was very impressive was the Sig P238… nice, but the .380 is just too small, no matter what some might argue.