How to Identify an Original Marlin 336 from a “RemLin”

Marlin Firearms has changed ownership and in 2008 Remington took over manufacturing at the New Haven, CT plant. Unfortunately the first few years of production suffered from ridiculous quality issues. Because of the quality issues it is important to be able to tell a Remington manufactured Marlin from a traditional high quality Marlin. The last full year of traditional Marlin production ended at the New Haven, CT. plant in 2007. Rifle Serial numbers beginning with 93 indicate the 2007 production year. These are the last of the original Marlins made with traditional fit, finish, and quality.

Remington serial number located on receiver left side

Remington serial number located on receiver left side

How to identify a Remington made Marlin 336; The serial number is located on the left side of the receiver. If the first two digits of the serial number begin with 90, 91, 92, or MR then it is a Remington manufactured Marlin 336.

Marlin 336 Serial Number

Marlin 336 Serial Number first two digits indicate year

How to verify an original Marlin 336
The real Marlins will have all of these identifiers.

  • Serial number DOES NOT begin with 92, 91, 90, or MR.
  • Serial number stamped on tang – The Marlin 336 beginning in 1948 and continuing through 2007 have a serial number stamped on the tang where the receiver attaches to the stock. The older models have the serial number stamped on the tang under the lever.
  • Made in New Haven, CT. stamped on left side of barrel.
  • Proof mark “JM” stamped in barrel where it meets receiver.

How to identify Remington built Rifles
Any of these identifiers indicate a “RemLin”

  • Serial numbers starting with 92, 91, 90, and MR are “RemLins”, regardless if the proof mark is JM, or if New Haven, CT may be stamped on the barrel.
  • Remington Serial number is stamped on the left side of the receiver
  • Remington barrels have “REM” proof mark
Serial number to date of manufacture – Remington build dates in RED
Bold letter or number represents first digits of serial number
C-1946 W-1963 22-1978 05-1995
D-1947 Y-1964 21-1979 04-1996
E-1948 Z-1964 20-1980 03-1997
F-1949 AA– 1965 19-1981 02-1998
G-1950 AB-1966 18-1982 01-1999
H-1951 AC-1967 17-1983 00-2000
J-1952 AD– early 1968 16-1984 99-2001
K-1953 68– late 1968 15-1985 98-2002
L-1954 69-1969 14-1986 97-2003
M-1955 70-1970 13-1987 96-2004
N-1956 71-1971 12-1988 95-2005
P-1957 72-1972 11-1989 94-2006
R-1958 27-1973 10-1990 93-2007
S-1959 26-1974 09-1991 92-2008
T-1960 25-1975 08-1992 91-2009
U-1961 24-1976 07-1993 90-2010
V-1962 23-1977 06-1994 MR-2011

NOTE: Remington took over the Marlin New Haven plant in 2008. Manufacturing continued there until 2011 when production was moved to Llian, NY. During that 2008 – 2011 time period the rifles were built with left over Marlin parts and parts made under the new Remington management. The Marlin serial number system, barrel roll stamp, and JM proof mark were used by Remington at New Haven until 2011. Rifles built during this time frame will have serial numbers starting with 92 for 2008, 91 for 2009, and 90 for 2010 dates of manufacture. The serial numbers were located on the receiver left side. The MR serial numbers began in 2011 after all manufacturing was moved to Llian, New York.

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