PMC Gold Starline 240 gr JHP 44 Magnum Review

PMC Starfire 44 Magnum

PMC Starline 44 Magnum with SW 629

I recently got an opportunity to review some ammunition for one of my favorite online suppliers, Lucky Gunner. I purchase my ammo in bulk a thousand rounds at a time and I like LuckyGunner for their low prices and fast service.

Russ at Lucky Gunner sent me two boxes of made in Korea PMC Gold Starline 240 gr JHP in 44 magnum. It comes in a 20 round box that is marketed for police and home defense. The first thing I noticed after opening the box is that the hollow point looks aggressive and it does in fact provide impressive expansion.

PMC Aggressive JHP

PMC Starline 44 Magnum Aggressive JHP

I shot it in my 4″ barrel S&W 629. The recoil was moderate and not at all painful like shooting some self-defense ammo that stings the web of my hand. Accuracy was excellent and allowed me to shoot a few two and three-inch groups. Most of my groups were closer to six inches but that is just me.

Velocity is advertised as 1300 fps at the muzzle. I measured 1132 to just over 1200 fps at about ten feet.

It is interesting to note that this PMC Starfire Gold ammunition was designed by Tom Burcynski who also designed the Federal Hydra Shok and the Federal HST JHP self-defense ammo. When the PMC Starfire bullet is expanded it looks pretty much like the Federal HST bullet expansion but I don’t think the PMC is as powerful as other brands. I don’t think Federal makes the HST JHP in 44 magnum.

PMC Starline Gold Expansion looks like Federal HST

PMC Starline Gold Expansion looks like Federal HST

My opinion after shooting 40 rounds is that this Starline Gold 44 magnum ammunition is an excellent value, reliable, accurate but I personally would not use it for personal defense. I will pay a little more and use the popular American made brands manufactured specifically for defense.

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