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Beretta Nano Holster,  Accessories, and .40 S&W availability. The annual 2012 NRA meeting and exhibits in St. Louis provided an opportunity to overhear Ben Cook of Beretta talking about what we can expect in the near future for the Beretta Nano in the way of night sights, lasers, an extended magazine, and the new .40 S&W  Nano.

Beretta Nano

Beretta Nano

He said that user installable night sights will soon be available. Look for them in about 60 days.

An extended 8 round magazine is in the works. The extended magazine will be available for purchase as a complete magazine and as a base plate kit to convert the six round magazine.

Beretta Nano Serialized Chassis

Beretta Nano Serialized Chassis

Also planned is a laser option. What is so cool about the laser is that it will be available as an entire replacement polymer frame grip assembly with built in laser.

Bad news for those waiting for the 40 caliber Nano. The Beretta Nano in .40 S&W won’t be offered until sometime in 2013. The overwhelming demand for the 9mm Nano has caused Beretta to keep producing the 9mm to satisfy the unexpected

Beretta Nano in DeSantis Holster

Beretta Nano in DeSantis Holster

market demand before bringing the .40 caliber option online.

Keep in mind that the actual Beretta Nano serialized firearm is a stainless steel chassis that is held in the grip by just a pin. This makes it possible to replace the polymer grip, the barrel, and the slide while still maintaining the legal integrity of the serialized firearm.

Although I recently got my concealed carry permit I haven’t carried yet. I recently purchased a leather OWB DeSantis mini-scabbard holster with adjustable tension that works very well with the Nano. Now I have a quality pistol, and a quality holster, so  I am ready for concealed carry. Hard Fobus style holsters for the Nano are available directly from Beretta.


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  • cebur19 Mar 25, 2013, 4:35 pm

    That is unreal. Last I heard the Nano was to be released in 40 S&W this year. I’m speculating that it has something to do with all the recent gun buying activity. Other manufacturers such as Ruger have stopped taking orders because their next years production is already sold.

    After reading the message from Beretta again, I see that it states there is no production planned at this time. So, that doesn’t completely rule out a production run for you 40 S&W enthusiasts.

  • Zakk Weathersby Mar 25, 2013, 10:08 am

    According to Paul at Beretta, The Nano will NOT be coming out in .40 at all.
    I just received this email response today:

    Response Paul via Email 03/25/2013 08:51 AM Hello Zakk`:

    Thank you for contacting Beretta Customer Support.

    At this time there is no planned production of the Nano in 40 S & W

    Best regards,

    Beretta Customer Support

    My question:
    Do you have an estimate on when i can purchase a NANO in 40 S&W?