Ruger SR22 Review

Ruger SR22

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Ruger SR22 Review and reports about Ruger SR22  reliability. The Ruger SR22 has a black polymer frame, an aluminum slide, and it looks a lot like the Walther P22. Interestingly the controls, features, and specs are also very similar. But according to the reports I’ve read so far, the Ruger SR22 is a more reliable pistol having the ability to reliably shoot a wider range of both high quality and low quality .22 caliber ammo.

Here are review comments about the SR22 ability to handle all types of ammunition written by Jeff Quinn. Read the entire article on GunBlast.

“Right off the bat, this pistol is reliable. I usually report on reliability, accuracy and such after a description of the weapon and detailed specifications, and that will come, but first of all, this pistol is a keeper. Reliability in a compact 22 pistol is not a given, and some on the market are pretty finicky about ammo. Not this SR22 Pistol. I fed it nineteen different types of 22 Long Rifle ammo, foreign and domestic, standard velocity, high velocity, and hyper-velocity, and it fed, fired, and ejected every round offered to it. Often times, 22 Long Rifle ammunition, especially the cheap bulk ammo, can give problems, but this Ruger SR22 Pistol has digested handfuls of the stuff without a hiccup. (Note: after writing this a couple of days ago, today I did have one Winchester DynaPoint round that failed to eject. Upon firing, it felt as if it was underpowered, and it did not fully cycle the slide to eject)”

The reason I am so interested in the Ruger SR22 is because of the owners reports and range reports that are starting to appear claiming the SR22 will reliably shoot virtually any ammunition without jamming, and that includes cheap Wal-Mart federal Bulk .22 caliber ammo.

Compare Walther P22 to Ruger SR22

Compare Walther P22 to Ruger SR22

I own a Sig P226, the same model Sig used by the Navy SEALS. Thinking that Sigs are so great I purchased a .22 caliber Sig Mosquito. The Mosquito is apparently not manufactured by Sig Sauer, but is just marketed by Sig. You would think that a gun bearing the Sig brand would be reliable. What a huge disappointment! What I discovered, is that the Mosquito requires premium copper jacketed ammunition to cycle reliably. No cheap affordable Wal-Mart ammunition for the Sig Mosquito.

Some of the SR22 features I like include an ambidextrous manual thumb safety and de-cocker lever on the rear frame, ambidextrous magazine release, and a rounded spur external hammer. The first shot trigger pull is double action and measures about 11 pounds. Follow up shots are single action and trigger pull measures about 5 pounds. It has white 3-dot sights with an adjustable rear sight. Another innovative feature is that the rear sight can be changed to display white dots or a black blade. The Ruger SR22 can accept accessories using the built in Pica tinny rail.

The SR22 comes with two 10 round magazines, a flat and extended floor plate for each magazine, and an interchangeable large and small grip. Unlike the Walther P22 that merely interchanges the back straps to change grip size, the Ruger SR22 replaces the entire grip to change grip size.

Although the MSRP is $399.00 you can find the Ruger SR22 for sale in the $320.00 to $350.00 range. The SR22 is proving to be very popular and is difficult to find in stock. My local gun shop is out of stock but I have my order in to get one when they become available.

Ruger SR22 Specs
Caliber .22LR
Overall Length 6.40″
Height 4.90″
Width 1.29″
Weight 15.50 oz.
Sights Adjustable 3 Dot
Barrel Length 3.50″
Slide Aluminum
Frame Polymer
Capacity 10

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