Why Buy a Gun For Home Defense

Why Buy a Gun For Home Defense – I first got interested in guns at age 65 at the end of 2009 during the Obama administration. I was disturbed at the way the Democrats Progressives, liberals were shoving health care through the House and Senate. The Obama administration was on a march to fundamentally change America. What that means is that the Constitution was being shredded, and the ground work was being set to reduce the United States to an equal economic level with the rest of the world. I decided that if I didn’t buy a gun now that it was becoming entirely possible that the Obama, Progressive “government’ would eventually find a way to ban gun sales, and then gun ownership. The City of Chicago is an example of a government that passed a law making it illegal to own a gun. That law has since been decided as unconstitutional.

I decided that it was time to buy a gun before the Obama, Progressive “government” tried to make gun ownership illegal in some way. I am also concerned about the economic situation in America. Our “government” has been spending money and spending us into debt since the turn of the 20th century when the Progressives first sneaked their way to power. Because of the economy, and the fact that China owns our debt and is financing its RED army with American dollars paid as interest on the debt is disturbing. The huge growing national debt and continued deficit spending is driving the economy or rather destroying the economy. It could happen that America eventually sinks into anarchy in the near future making it crucial that “we the people” might have to defend, and protect ourselves and our families. America may decline into a survivalist society if the progressives have their way. Once anarchy happens then the “government” would be “justified” in imposing martial law. Life as we know it in America would then end. The “government” would be in control “for our own good”. At that point the Progressives would do whatever they wanted and American would become a third world nation ruled by a totalitarian nanny state.

That is impossible you say? Just look at how the health care law was passed against the will of the people. The method used to pass the law was against all that the constitution stands for. The way it will happen, if “we the people” allow it, is already in place. The growing national debt is part of the foundation on which anarchy will emerge (if “we the people” let it) to make total government control possible.

So that preamble is the rational I used to justify my purchase of a gun. I decided I wanted a home defense weapon and selected the Remington 870 Tactical 12 GA shotgun.

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