Review of my FNP-9 in Matte Stainless

My review of the 9 mm FNP-9 in Matte Stainless. The 9mm by FN is a nice looking 9 mm pistol. The matte stainless slide looks great sitting on the black polymer frame and the barrel is also made of hammer forged stainless steel. It is also very reasonably priced. I paid $389.00 for mine over a year ago at Buds Gun Shop. The FNP model  is still available for sale in California with 10 round magazine capacity but has been replaced by the very imilar FNX-9 which is very similar. The California models are for sale at Buds Gun Shop for about $450.00 and find them on in the $500.00 range. The FNP 9 is a lot of gun for the money. Excellent trigger, SA/DA, smooth trigger, decocker, and very accurate. I believe this is a great deal.

FNP-9 9 mm pistol left side

FNP-9 in 9 mm Left side view

Something that got my attention is the light and smooth trigger pull, which feels smooth as glass to me.

The 9mm P model can operate in double action or single action. The external hammer has a rounded ring that allows for ease of cocking and the easy access de-cocker is located on both the left and right sides.

FNP-9 Replaceable Frame rails

FNP-9 Replaceable Frame Rails

A feature I like is that the rails are held in the frame by a precision pin and are replaceable. The matte black polymer frame is textured and the front strap and back strap are checkered for a good grip. There are two back straps included, one flat and one curved to change the fit as needed. This pistol has a good balance and feels good in my hand with the 16 round magazine installed. And speaking of magazines, FNUSA provides three magazines with all of their hand guns. That is something other manufactures should do. I wonder if Kimber is listening?

FNP-9 in 9 mm Right side

FNP-9 Right side view

FNP-9 Sight Picture

FNP-9 3 Dot Sight Picture

It is comfortable to shoot and very accurate. The standard 3 dot sights provide quick target acquisition and the bright white dots are easy to see.

  • Full-length guide rod and flat-coil recoil spring
  • Reversible magazine release button
  • Loaded chamber indicator on external extractor
  • fixed three dot sights
  • 4″ Barrel Length
  • 7.4” Overall Length
  • 5.4” Height:
  • Width: 1.55”
  • 24.7 oz Weight empty
  • 16 or 10 round magazines
  • Accessory rail for mounting a laser or light
FNP-9 Disassembled for Cleaning Frame, Recoil Spring, Barrel, Slide

FNP-9 Disassembled for Cleaning Frame, Recoil Spring, Barrel, Slide

Take down for cleaning is easy. Remove the magazine, lock the slide back, rotate the take down lever to the down position,. The slide comes off the front of the pistol. The slide can be disassembled for cleaning, remove the recoil spring, and remove the barrel.

If you like the FNP-9 then check out the big brother FNP-45 Review.

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  • cebur19 Sep 9, 2012, 7:19 pm

    I agree completely. The FNP-9 is a great pistol. One of my favorites.

  • Larry Hinze Sep 9, 2012, 5:21 pm

    Better sights than the Ruger, too!

  • Larry Hinze Sep 9, 2012, 5:20 pm

    Previously had a Ruger P95 and this gun BLOWS IT AWAY! Easier to take apart, more fitting in the hand-both are accurate. Oh yea, the Ruger is UGLY–the FNP-9 is a sweet piece!