Ruger LC9 Review Update after Trigger Mod

Ruger LC9 9mm

Ruger LC9

The Ruger LC9 9mm is pretty much a copy of the KelTec PF9 but with better fit and finish and better quality.

Ruger LC9 Price – I paid $260.00 for the PF9 and I paid $369.00 for the LC9. I think the added quality of the Ruger makes it worth the extra hundred dollars. You can find the Ruger LC9 for sale at Buds Gun Shop for $339.00 and the Ruger LC9 pistol with Lasermax laser for sale at $399.00. Ruger LC9 prices range from a low of $339 to $399 without the laser.

Ruger LC9 Problems – Each gun has its issues. The PF9 had a cracked slide. I took that opportunity to upgrade to the hard chrome slide and barrel. Right after installing the new slide and barrel the slide stop lever broke.

The only Ruger LC9 problem that I have had with my LC9 pistol was with light strikes. Shooting certain types of ammo can clog the firing pin channel which causes light strikes. I think the problem is with the edges of the firing pin channel. The edges of the channel where the firing pin contacts the primer are sharp. When the spent case is ejected the sharp edge shaves off metal from the primers in Remington Golden Saber and Sellier & Bellot ammunition. The remedy for this is to chamfer the edges of the firing pin channel. Return the LC9 to Ruger and they do this at no cost.

Modified Trigger bar Has Two Holes

Modified LC9 Trigger Bar Has Two Holes

Ruger LC9 Long Trigger Pull – The LC9 has a notoriously long trigger pull that affects my accuracy with the gun. The remedy for the long trigger pull is to practice but I shoot so many different guns that it always takes shooting a few rounds to get accustomed to shooting the LC9 again. My main complaint wasn’t how long the pull was but the break all the way back at the frame. There is a fix that moves the break forward. The first guy to innovate a remedy shortened the trigger bar by cutting it with a hacksaw and welded it back together. The trigger bar ended up about .040 shorter. Then he filed the release tab on the trigger bar a little at a time until it had the desired play. This modification resulted in moving the break forward about 3/8th of an inch which is just what I wanted. So I ordered a trigger bar from MidwayUSA to experiment with. In the mean time while waiting for the back ordered trigger bar to arrive another guy offered a shortened trigger bar for purchase.

The easier way is to order the Galloway trigger bar and hammer. Using the two modified parts moves the break forward by a good 3/8th inch and shortens the reset. The modified drop in replacement trigger bar and hammer require no fitting. The only thing I did was to polish all mating surfaces. The trigger modification turned out great with a very smooth shortened pull with quicker reset.

Ruger LC9 after trigger mod 20rds at 7yds

Ruger LC9 after trigger mod 20rds at 7yds

Ruger LC9 Accuracy – The result of the modification is an LC9 with an outstanding trigger that greatly improved my accuracy. My accuracy now with the LC9 is easy 3 inch groups at 7 yards.

The only negative I have now with the LC9 is shooting comfort. It isn’t a gun that you would want to shoot all day. The discomfort is not near as bad as the KelTec PF9 but is enough to start feeling it after 50 rounds or so. The PF9 gives that feeling after shooting 5 rounds.

Ruger LC9 Jams – One important positive characteristic about my Ruger LC9 is that I can’t remember ever experiencing a jam as in failure to eject or failure to feed. The only problem was the light strikes and that only occurred when shooting Remington Golden Saber and Sellier & Bellot. Now I only shoot American Eagle and Federal Classic Hi-Shok JHP and have had zero malfunctions since. Shooting that ammunition and the trigger mod makes the Ruger LC9 a formidable small 9mm for concealed carry.

Ruger LC9 Accessories – The LC9 Ruger really doesn’t need much in the way of extras. You can find Ruger LC9 night sights. There are lots of holsters available, an add on laser, and the LC9 magazine extension that adds room for the pinky but does not add extra capacity.

Ruger LC9 Magazines – The LC9 comes with only one magazine but has two base plates, one flat and one pinky extension. You can find additional Ruger LC9 magazines for sale directly from Ruger, and at MidwayUSA.

Ruger LC9 Laser – Another feature of the LC9 is the easy addition of the Lasermax laser. It is a good looking streamlined addition to the LC9. I haven’t shot the LC9 with Lasermax yet but it looks like I will have to change my grip to use it. My standard grip will block the laser beam. There is also a Ruger LC9 Crimson Trace laser available from Crimson Trace.

Ruger LC9 Holster – Another benefit of the LC9 Ruger is the large number of Ruger LC9 holsters that are available. There are Ruger LC9 pocket holsters, Ruger LC9 IWB holsters, LC9 OWB holsters, and just about any style and price holster you could want.

The following manufacturers each provide several styles of Ruger LC9 holsters.

  • Fobus
  • Blackhawk
  • Triple K
  • Mitch Rosen
  • Galco
  • DeSantis
  • Uncle Mikes
  • Remora
  • Comp-Tac

Ruger LC9 Specs

  • Overall Length – 6.00″
  • Width – .9″
  • Heigth – 4.5″
  • Weight – 17.1 oz
  • Capacity = 7 + 1
  • Barrel Length – 3.12″
  • Sights – 3 dot adjustable

The Ruger LC9 trigger mod makes a huge difference in accuracy. The trigger pull is smooth, short, and breaks well forward. Reset is also quicker.

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