Kimber Solo vs Sig Sauer P938

How does the new Sig Sauer P938 compare with the Kimber Solo? The Kimber Solo is a great idea that was released before it was ready, much like Sig Sauer did with the P238. I personally owned the KImber Solo and after six months I had enough of unresolved problems and returns back to the factory for repair. Sig had problems with the release of the P238 and hopefully Sig Sauer has learned a lesson not to use customers for beta testing a new product. In defense of both Kimber and Sig, the reports about the new Solo and owners of the present day P238 claim that these pistols are reliable and the owners are happy with them. Now if Sig can only make the release of the new P938 a success without any “problems”.

Both pistols are in the 1911 style. They look like a mini 1911, they are both carried cocked and locked, and they each have an ambidextrous safety lever.

KImber Solo

KImber Solo Carry TuTone

Kimber Solo STS Stainless 9mm

Kimber Solo STS Stainless

Kimber Solo CDP 9mm

Kimber Solo CDP Crimson Trace laser

Sig Sauer P938 Rosewood

Sig Sauer P938 Rosewood

Sig Sauer P938 Blackwood

Sig Sauer P938 Blackwood

Sig Sauer P938 Extreme

Sig Sauer P938 Extreme

Sig Sauer P938 Equinox

Sig Sauer P938 Equinox

The Kimber Solo is available in three models. My favorite is the STS stainless finish. Also available in Tutone black frame with stainless slide, and the CDP which is the tutone model with front and rear strap checkering and crimson trace laser built into rosewood grips.

The Sig Sauer is available in five models. My favorite of these is the Rosewood. Other versions available as the Blackwood, Extreme, SAS, and Equinox.

The Kimber Solo comes standard with a six round magazine. An extended 8 round magazine is available for the Solo

The Sig P938 also comes with a six round magazine with an extended 7 round option offered for the Sig P938.

The P938 and the Solo are very close in size with the P938 coming out just about 3/8 inch longer. The P938 has a slightly longer barrel which is a good feature because the

longer barrel develops a little more pressure to operate the action. The Solo comes in at one oz heavier which is not bad. The lighter gun will have slightly more felt recoil. A major difference is the P938 is hammer fired while the Solo is striker fired. Both have ambidextrous safety levers, left side only slide release. The Solo has an ambidextrous magazine release button while the P938 has a left side only magazine release. The Kimber Solo trigger is very smooth and makes it easy to shoot accurate groups. The P938 trigger pull is even lighter than the Solo and based on the Sig reputation should have an excellent trigger feel that will promote accuracy.

Kimber Solo vs Sig Sauer P938 Specs
Kimber Solo Sig P938
Caliber 9mm 9mm
Capacity 6 + 1 6 + 1
Overall length 5.5″ 5.9″
Overall height 3.9″ 3.9″
Overall width .995″ 1.1″
Barrel length 2.7″ 3.0″
Sights 3 dot – Nights avail Night sights
Sight radius 4.4″ 4.0″
Weight 17.0oz 16.0oz
Frame Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
Frame finish Kimpro II Black annodized
Slide Stainless Stainless
Slide finish Satin stainless Black Nitron or stainless
Grips Plastic or wood wood
MSRP $725 – $1225 $795 – $838

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