Beretta Nano 3000 Round Update

Beretta Nano 3000 Rounds Review and Update. After shooting over 3000 rounds My Beretta Nano looks great and operates like new. The FTE problem is caused by low quality inconsistent power ammunition. Today’s range session puts the total round count through my Beretta Nano at 3030 rounds. Add an additional 72 rounds fired at Beretta for testing and My Nano has 3102 total rounds fired through it and it performs like new and still looks like new.

Beretta Nano After 3000 Rounds

Beretta Nano After 3000 Rounds

After shooting 2580 rounds I had returned my Nano to Beretta Service for evaluation. The Nano had experienced 13 FTE and I wasn’t sure what was causing the problem. Beretta shot 72 test rounds of quality premium self defense ammunition and had no malfunctions.

I just received the Nano back from Beretta service and have cleaned it, lubed it, and took it to the indoor range. Shot 200 rounds of Federal Classic Hi-Shok 115 grain JHP with no malfunctions. Then shot 250 rounds of American Eagle 124 grain FMJ with no malfunctions.

The Nano is a comfortable little pistol to shoot. I shot 450 rounds through it today with absolutely no discomfort. As a comparison, I also shot my Ruger LC9 and there was noticeable discomfort and sting shooting the LC9.

Beretta Nano 50 rounds 21 feet

Beretta Nano 50 rounds 21 feet

My accuracy with the Nano produced about a six inch groups at 7 yards. After a little practice I got this down to 3 to 4 inch groups. I blame this mainly on the long trigger pull.

The three dot sights could be improved by having a narrower space between the two rear dots

I tried loading one in the chamber with 6 in the magazine. Easy to do. Just insert a loaded magazine, let the slide slam closed loading a round in the chamber. Remove the magazine to replace the round. Remember the pistol can be fired without the magazine. Reinstall the magazine and the Nano is ready with one in the chamber and a full magazine.

My opinion after all this testing is that the FTE were caused by using low cost ammo that has inconsistent quality. For more information about my Beretta nano read my Beretta Nano FTE post.

Watch the video about my Beretta Nano 3000 Round Update

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  • Chuck Burns Feb 2, 2014, 6:25 pm

    Factory reloads? I would be highly suspect of any reloads unless they are my own so I know know much powder is loaded and the LOA of each cartridge. I suggest cleaning, lube, and shooting several hundred rounds. Then clean, lube and shoot another few hundred rounds of premium brand name ammo. Try to get 124 grain. I would expect zero FTE with quality ammo. If it has any problems at all with premium high quality ammo then it goes back to Beretta.

  • Marcos S Feb 2, 2014, 5:44 pm

    My Nano is two weeks old……having shot 100 rounds and having 3 FTE I am concerned. Yes the ammo was 115 gr. FMJ factory reloads, but I am still concerned. I will be buying “better ammo” and continue to shot……I love the design, but still concerned. Also, I’m not impressed with the answer Berretta gave you…..

  • cebur19 Jan 10, 2013, 12:48 pm

    When I first started shooting the Nano I believe that I was hitting low and left. And yes I corrected hitting low by aiming at 12 O”clock. The left hits I attribute to trigger pull. By concentrating on a smooth pull while keeping an eye on the front sight I managed consistent 3 inch and 4 inch groups at 7 yards.

  • Andy Jan 10, 2013, 9:22 am

    Beretta told me to raise my sight alignment because the 6 o’clock sight alignment causes the Nano to shoot low. Did you have this problem?

  • cebur19 Sep 15, 2012, 10:16 pm

    Thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated. yes, you are correct, I did have a very bad and unsafe habit of resting my finger on the trigger. I learned not to do that after an accidental discharge at the range. Luckily the gun was pointed down range, I had the pistol gripped with both hands and was raising it to aim when it discharged below the target. That made me realize and correct my unsafe habit.

    About the reset on the Nano. I just tried mine and the reset seems to occur at about the same place all the way forward as the initial pull. There is at least 1/8 inch take up on my Nano trigger. The trigger feel is similar to a Glock but not quite as good in my opinion.

  • Bob Evans Sep 15, 2012, 7:13 pm

    Thanks for the review and information. Though the trigger pull looks long on the Nano, how’s the reset? A lot of people complain about the take-up on the Glock trigger, but the reset is great; learning to not let the trigger move all the way forward, but only to the point of reset has really improved my accuracy!

    One thing about this video (and a few others of yours I’ve seen) is the lack of trigger discipline. Even though the guns are safety checked, you’ve still got to treat them like they’re loaded; never put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.