Beretta Nano First Impressions

I just held a Beretta Nano for the first time today and first impressions are not great! The pistol felt top heavy to me. Perhaps this will balance out with a full magazine installed.

The grip is short with little finger curled under. This is not a problem for me because I shoot my Glock 26, Ruger LC9, and Kimber Solo with short grip.

I don’t like the feel of the trigger guard. While gripping the gun the finger guard seems to dig into my finger. The LC9 trigger guard feels the same way.

The trigger pull is long but not as long as the LC9. The break feels like a Glock.

The fit and finish are good. The gun feels blocky. I have heard some describe the Glock 26 as feeling like a brick. Well, those folks should pick up the Bretta Nano. They might describe it as feeling like bricks as well.

I was quite excited about the Nano but after seeing it and handling it, and dry firing it a couple times My enthusiasm has diminished some. I think I’ll wait a while and think about this before buying the Nano.

Gander Mountain had them for sale for Black Friday. The Beretta Nano price at Gander Mountain is $449.95 for the one I handled. I have seen them advertised for $429.95 at other retailers including Buds Gun Shop. I haven’t seen any for sale on yet or at my local gun shop Scheels.

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