Sig Mosquito Reviews – Sig Mosquito Problems and Fixes

I have gathered several Sig Mosquito Reviews that shed some light on the typical problems and tips for improvements. I recently bought a Sig Sauer 22lr Mosquito because I liked the look and feel of the gun and it was a Sig. After getting it home I had more time for research because the shooting range was closed for hunting season so I couldn’t do any shooting. What I learned is that there is a lot more negative feedback about this gun than positive.

Sig Sauer Mosquito in the Hand

Sig Sauer Mosquito in the Hand

I haven’t even shot the Mosquito yet but it is turning out to be a disappointment and making me think that I made a mistake. The following reviews point out the feed and eject problems that are common to the Sig Mosquito. They also provide tips and suggestions on how to improve the feeding of rounds and the ejection of spent cases. Here is the first Sig Mosquito Review video by jboritzki. He describes the feed ramp polishing that improves feeding and the chamber polishing that improves ejection:

In this second review jboritzki has almost convinced me to give the Sig Sauer 22lr Mosquito another chance. Here he fires over 100 rounds of cheap Wal-Mart Federal bulk ammo with only one jam. I was ready to return the gun to my local gun shop but now I’m thinking about it. Do I want to try the polishing and take a chance or return the gun and buy something else?

For good measure here is another Sig Mosquito Review that pretty much says the same thing. The Mosquito is prone to jamming, it cycles best using CCI Mini Mags for ammunition, and polishing the feed ramp and chamber greatly improves operation.

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