Ruger LC9 After Repair

Ruger LC9 after repair

Ruger LC9 9mm Subcompact after repair

Just got my Ruger LC9 returned from the factory. I called them on October 14 , received the shipping label, and shipped it the same day. Received the LC9 today just 10 days later. Great customer service from Ruger.

The pistol was returned because it wouldn’t shoot Remington Golden Saber or Sellier & Bellot ammunition. The primers melted and primer metal clogged up the firing pin channel which cause the gun to have light firing pin strikes.

The pistol is back and other than being quite oily looks like new. The packing slip indicates that the following parts were replaced:

  • Blocker lever
  • Firing pin blocker
  • Firing pin retainer
  • LCI spring
  • Firing pin
  • Slide

After repair the pistol was function tested with 28 rounds of Black Hills 115 grain FMJ using customers magazine. No malfunctions noted.

Ruger LC9 right side after repair

Ruger LC9 right side after repair

A couple of important notes here.

First, the turnaround time was 10 days from initial contact with Ruger Customer Service and return of the repaired LC9. Compare this with Kimber and the Kimber Solo. I returned 3 times in six months and the fastest return was 34 days, 40 days, and for the third return the Solo is still at the factory. Ruger wins hands down in the Customer Service department.

Second, the LC9 was tested using 115 grain ammunition. The Kimber Solo is finicky and can only shoot high quality 124 grain and 147 grain ammunition.

Third, the LC9 looks like new when it was returned. My Kimber Solo costs twice as much and looks like a pawn shop special with Kimpro finish scratched off under the take down pin and flaking off under the safety lever.

Now if Ruger would only rework the trigger on the LC9 so it would behave like the Smith & Wesson CS9 then they couldn’t build them fast enough.

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