What is the Best Home Defense Handgun

The best home defense handgun is the Glock in my opinion. I am not saying the Glock is the best handgun just that it makes an excellent choice as a home defense weapon because it is easy to use, reliable, light weight, available in full size, compact, and sub compact sizes, and is available in all the popular defensive calibers. Did I mention that it is inexpensive too! Most Glocks can be purchased in the $500.00 range more or less depending on model, caliber, and sights. Further proof that the Glock is an excellent choice for you is that it is also used by law enforcement, government agencies, and military all over the world.

Easy to use, especially for persons who are not highly skilled using handguns. The safe trigger makes the Glock a point and shoot handgun. No extra safety to think about or forget. The Glock safety is built in to the trigger mechanism. Finger off the trigger and the safety is ON. Trigger on the trigger and the safety is off making the gun ready to fire. And the Glock has three built in safeties making the gun extremely safe to use. The Glock is so easy to use that it is the first point and shoot handgun.

The reliability of the Glock is legendary. Stories abound that relate buried guns, dirty guns, wet guns, dropped guns, and dozens of other scenarios that would make other guns inoperable but the Glocks continue to operate properly.

Glocks were the first handgun to have a polymer frame. The polymer is strong yet light making Glocks one of the lightest handguns available.

Each caliber is available in full size, compact, and sub compact frame size.

The original Glock was made in 9mm. Over the years other popular calibers have been added to the line. Glocks are made in 9mm, .357, .40, .45, and 10mm bore sizes.

My personal Glock collection consists of the Glock 17 full size 9mm pistol with a Veridian green laser, and the Glock 21SF in .45 caliber fitted with a big dot sight.

There is a Glock to suit any personal preference or job requirement. Yes there are more beautiful guns, yes there are higher quality guns in fit and finish, and yes there are handguns that will perform as well. But the Glock overall is elegant simplicity and reliability. Buy a Glock, train with it, become proficient with its use and you just can’t go wrong.

ps. I also have the following very excellent handguns in addition to my utility Glock 17, and Glock 21SF:

  • CZ-75B 9mm
  • FNP-9 9mm
  • FNP-45 .45 cal
  • Kimber Pro Crimson Carry .45 cal

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