Kimber Solo Carry Article Collection

The Kimber Solo Carry 9mm Subcompact is an exceptional small size pistol designed for concealed carry. It has everything I want in a concealed carry pistol. It is small size, good fit and finish, Quality construction, feels good in the hand, very accurate, looks good, very nice appearance. It is just too bad that it doesn’t work. The only thing it doesn’t have is reliability. I like the gun a lot but I just can’t trust it.

But there are others who swear by the Solo. They claim that if the recommended ammo is used, and the pistol is griped and fired correctly then it shoots reliably.

Here are links to a collection of articles about the Kimber Solo. Some are written by me. Others are articles that I found on the web that provide interesting and informative information about the Kimber Solo. Read the articles and then make up your own mind about the Kimber Solo.

Links to Kimber Solo Articles

KImber Solo Comparison Charts 





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